Indie – Preventing Burnout & Boosting Productivity

  • 2022

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Indie – our friendly AI bot – is your trusted and supportive colleague at work, assessing your stress and wellness levels and sending you personalised “nudges” in real-time right when you need them most. Just like a spellchecker helps you spell, Indie helps individuals, teams and companies prevent burnout.

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  • 85% of people feel stressed every day and chronic stress leads to burnout. The insidious issue of workplace burnout is significantly worse after the isolation and uncertainty of Covid. Burnout affects individuals, companies, families and society, costing the Australian economy nearly $15bn per year and the global workforce over $1 trillion in lost productivity. We miss the early warning signs of burnout, so we push until we break. Organisations’ inability to identify and prevent burnout is at the core of many toxic workplace issues. Companies suffer, damaging profitability and reputation and driving talent to the Great Resignation.

  • Recognising how to spot potential mental health issues in the wellbeing of your company’s employees isn’t always easy and current products aren’t doing it. We identify early signs of burnout via employee language and behaviour by connecting to companies’ communication systems (email & chat). Once Indie has detected any issues she sends real-time tips & nudges on how to improve your and your team’s mental health before anyone reaches crisis mode. This is unique as most tools require self-diagnosis - Indie does it for you. Indie is a world-first in applying language detection to mental health to proactively prevent and manage issues.

  • By reducing stress pro-actively and in real-time, Indie improves mental health, boosts productivity and ensures companies keep their key staff. Indie already has demonstrable results in productivity uplift and burnout reduction, with clients like ANZ reporting strong results after using Indie. Also, the data collected by Indie provides input to research that can identify new solutions for workplace problems, which has the potential to revolutionise the future of work. On a macro level, Indie reduces the cost of poor mental health on the worldwide economy significantly, contributing to better social and economic outcomes. This way we truly improve the world.

  • Indie is a B2B SaaS product and was named after our CEO & founder’s daughter. Her key features & differentiators are: linguistic analysis, intelligent nudges, real-time diagnosis, privacy surety, ease of implementation and system indepedence. Indie uses NLP and machine learning to recognise the early warning signals in our language and behaviour and then uses intuitive coaching to send a nudge in real-time to affect/improve/change behaviour. There are no surveys, no bias, no time delays; it's the closest to real-time understanding one can ever get. Its on the spot, personalised help in a confidential way, building trust and intimacy quickly. Indie’s super power is that she keeps individual data 100% private & confidential, so that managers cannot single out individuals and target people. The more we get to know individuals, the more we’ll be able to personalise interventions to maximise effectiveness. Customers simply connect Indie into their communications channels (using a simple API) and it works exactly as a spellchecker does. Indie is platform independent (she connects to Slack, Microsoft, Google) so the customer chooses how to use the platform (this is important as entreprises use a range of tools).