iKlips DUO+

  • 2017

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed In:

Taiwan (R.O.C)

iKlips DUO+ is the intuitive tool for storage expansion. Together with the iKlips App, it is the easy way to transfer, manage and share a variety of content across your devices – iPhone, Mac and PC. With reliable functionality and considered materials, it is the best storage companion for users.

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  • iKlips DUO+ delivers aesthetic quality and reliable functionality to strengthen the connection between product and people. Its fascinating aluminum-alloy shell with concentric circle-brush finish is designed to symbolize the data stored inside represents users' precious and invaluable memories. The arc tail shape of iKlips DUO+ serves to fulfill its purpose of ergonomic comfort grip. Moreover, its integrally formed key ring allows easy access for users to attach it to any keychain, handbag, backpack, or even personal accessory such as necklace.

  • iKlips DUO+ is a dual-interface flash drive. A Lightning connector for iOS handheld devices, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod, and a USB-A connector for PC and Mac allow users to transfer, share and manage files between several devices anytime and anywhere. iKlips DUO+ has the world's most narrow extended connector designed with our patented internal structure to avoid the connector being blocked by certain iPhone or iPad protective cases, i.e. anti-shock or waterproof cases, while accessing iKlips DUO+.

  • Being produced with top-quality flash memory, iKlips DUO+ features one of the world's fastest memory storage types for iPhones and iPads. Not just fast in the speed, it is more stable and has a much longer lifespan than other iOS flash drives as well. While leveraging advanced COB technology, its compact size is durable, splashproof, shock resistant, and dust proof. Advanced engineering zinc-alloy and aluminum-alloy cases give iKlips DUO+ excellent strength while minimizing size and weight. Fully certified and licensed by Apple as a “Made for iPhone, iPad & iPod” product, the iKlips DUO+ meets strict performance and manufacturing standards, and is endorsed by Adam Elements' highest level of quality assurance.

  • The exclusive iKlips App is one of what makes iKlips DUO+ best. Its intuitive interface design provides a user-friendly experience when using iKlips DUO+. With password and fingerprint protection for your drive or selected files, the iKlips appcan be digitally safe that works flawlessly on all iOS devices. With a variety of advanced features like direct photo backup, 3D Touch support, Multi-Select, Drop-To and Split View options, and Integration with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Apple apps ,your data has never been more protected.

    With the custom keychain and its stylish leather sleeve that guards against any bumps or bruises, iKlips DUO+ is available in six gorgeous colors, i.e. Royal Orchid, Adam Red, Glowing Amber, Rosy Bronze, Rebel Onyx and Wild Sapphire, and three different storage capacities, i.e. 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, fitting beautifully with a variety of user's storage needs and styles.