Humidity Sensor

  • 2020

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    Hardware and Building

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  • Expella Pty Ltd
  • Cube Industrial Design Pty Ltd
  • Australian Technology Connections

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Expella Pty Ltd

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Australian ventilation specialist Expella is entering its Ceiling Mounted Humidity Sensor Switch for consideration in the Good Design Awards. The Humidity Sensor Switch was developed to detect high levels of humidity in a confined area such as a bathroom or laundry, and automatically activate an exhaust fan.

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  • The design challenge is to eradicate condensation and mould in bathrooms and laundries through the automation of exhaust fans. The Expella team identified this opportunity after seeing hundreds of residential apartments affected by mould and insufficient ventilation. The biggest issue was tenants not willing to turn on exhaust fans as they didn’t want to pay the electricity costs. The team developed an innovative automatic sensor switch that activates the exhaust fan when humidity levels reach a predetermined level. Expella was granted an innovation patent for the product in 2016, though has opted not to renew but instead manufacture the product.

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia, Expella’s Ceiling Mounted Humidity Sensor Switch is slimline and discreet (about the size of a downlight), and easy to install. It provides permanent control of humidity levels in the home, and gives homeowners and landlords alike peace of mind that moisture and mould is being kept at bay. The Humidity Sensor Switch is a smart controller that runs on a single active line. It differs from products overseas that are similar in nature, as they require three electrical wires to operate the sensor. It is particularly effective in confined bathrooms found in urban apartment blocks.

  • From a SOCIAL point of view, the Sensor Switch enables a healthier home environment. By reducing humidity in bathrooms and laundries, the build-up of excess moisture and mould is eliminated. The ENVIRONMENTAL benefit is that the fan only operates when needed. Many dwellings have exhaust fans with run-on timers that continue for 10-20 minutes after the person leaves the bathroom. This can be disruptive and uses excess electricity. The COMMERCIAL impact is that dwellings aren’t damaged by excess moisture and mould. The innovative Sensor Switch can be installed in existing apartments (constructed within last 15-20 years), or incorporated into new-builds.

  • At the affordable price of RRP $149, the Humidity Sensor Switch is a cost-effective way to ensure bathroom and laundry spaces are effectively ventilated. The Switch is a worthwhile inclusion in new-build apartment blocks, future-proofing bathroom and laundry spaces from water and mould damage. They can also be retrofitted to existing dwellings where ventilation is lacking and moisture and mould has become a problem. The Humidity Sensor Switch is easy to install and the slimline, minimal design means there is no impact on the aesthetic of the bathroom or laundry. It also features an adjustable setting between 40%-80% relative humidity, so homeowners and landlords can set the switch to a level that best suits the environment as well as their personal preference. The Switch is locally manufactured in the Sydney suburb of Hornsby, allowing for the Expella team to quickly respond to demand and turn product around in the shortest possible lead time.