HP Spectre TechTote

  • 2019

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The tote is one of the most identifiable handbag shapes and the most practical. HP Spectre TechTote takes the tote, executed in supple full-grain leather, and adds dedicated padded pockets for a laptop, an optional battery pack, and phone to keep all your devices safe, secure, and fully charged.

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  • Most laptop bags are messenger bags or backpacks, that force the user to look like a bike messenger or schoolchild with shoulder straps. HP’s design team wanted to make something beautiful, practical, that would fit daily must-haves, work items, and have the right amount of fashion-forward design. The tote is the perfect form factor as a trusty, go-to bag.

  • The tote is a classic bag shape, with soft, black full-grain leather. It holds its shape when set down, and has straps that don’t dig-in when carrying it. The main zipper is recessed from the top of the bag shell and keeps a pill shape when looking at the top of the bag. The RFID pocket zipper is sewn behind a pill cutout, keeping a consistent design element throughout. The HP Spectre TechTote is a practical bag with the ability charge your phone or laptop without taking it out of the bag.

  • The HP Spectre TechTote is designed to increase customer affinity for HP by making a product that fills a need not addressed well by others. It’s stylish, durable, and allows a person to carry and charge all their tech products in a bag that’s designed to impress.

  • The latest technology deserves a carrying bag crafted with the same level of precision and refinement. Designed with a full grain leather exterior, padded interior, and optional battery pack, this tote keeps all your devices safe, secure, and fully charged. A dedicated zippered pocket keeps your tech essentials away from any personal items. Easily charge your laptop without removing it from the bag. The dedicated laptop compartment fits up to 14.0-inch diagonal laptops. The main compartment accommodates up to 17.3-inch diagonal laptops. The design is tailored, and beautifully simple, with subtle branding.