HP Renew Sleeve

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The HP Renew Sleeve is 100% zero-waste and 96% recycled from plastic that was prevented from reaching the ocean. Using recycled plastic bottles creates a knit fabric that is long-lasting, resulting in a sleeve that looks stylish and keeps the computer safe.

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  • HP's mission to create more sustainable products and accessories. The challenge was to design a laptop sleeve that looks attractive, while using recycled materials and creating zero waste. HP has worked with suppliers to create a sustainable supply chain, reclaiming more than 716,000 tons of plastic from reaching the ocean. HP is making computers, displays, and accessories from recycled material, preventing it from further polluting the ocean. This sleeve is one of the first in a line of sustainably made products.

  • The sleeve protects the laptop wrapped in a beautiful heather gray knit. If you didn't know it, it would be impossible to tell that the cloth is made from two plastic water bottles. The bottles are ground up into pellets, and then spun into thread used to weave the fabric of the sleeve. The result is a product that has less than 1 gram of wasted material.

  • HP is preventing plastic from entering the ocean, recycling, and preventing waste. Creating the process that prevents two water bottles from entering the ocean, and turning them into a beautiful sleeve is the result of creating a supply chain that has so far prevented more than 716,000 tons of plastic from reaching the ocean. HP is committed to making all our products sustainably, and this is the first step. Creating a zero waste supply chain to make zero waste products is how we begin.

  • The fabric is a knit weave, woven to the size of the device it is meant to protect. Because it is a woven product, there's no cut-off fabric as wasted material.