HP OMEN Photon Mouse and HP OMEN Outpost Mousepad

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

  • HP Design

Commissioned By:

HP Design

Designed In:

United States of America

HP OMEN Photon gaming mouse and Outpost mouse pad is an ultra-fast mouse for gamers. It is engineered for comfort and fast response time based on human factors studies. The mouse is wireless and rechargeable from the mousepad wireless charging surface.

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  • HP Design wanted to make a gaming mouse that was fast-tracking and responsive for gaming. At the same time, we wanted to get rid of wires, because wires both look ugly and can drag, slowing down game movements. The conflict is that wireless mice traditionally aren't as fast responding as wired mice. We had to work to overcome that. Wireless meant that recharging was required, so we had to answer 'how do you make recharging elegant?' We also wanted to make it ergonomic for left- and right-handed use without sacrificing comfort for either user.

  • We designed this Qi-charging wireless mouse and mousepad to work together from the start. By giving gamers the best ergonomic and ambidextrous solution, we provided engaging gameplay without the mess or delay/drag of wires. The thumb and finger rest wings to the sides of the mouse are removable, and interchangeable, for both left- and right-handed use. The thumb and finger rests prevent dragging as the mouse is moved, to increase speed. Aesthetically, the OMEN logo color can be changed to the user’s preference in the Omen Command Center application.

  • Gaming is a social activity, frequently in an on-line community. The bonds and interactions are real, even if they happen virtually. But it's hard to be a part of the group if you're unable to participate fully, due to equipment that slows you down. That's why it was so important to make a product that performs well, and removes friction so the social interaction, the camaraderie, can take place. Commercially, OMEN products exist to give the casual gamer and gamer on a budget access to high-performing hardware. Photon and Outpost meet that need and don't ignore the left-handed population.

  • The Photon mouse uses optical-mechanical switches that allow for a click response time of 0.2 ms, or three times faster than a common mechanical switch, while still providing the click feel users desire. The Outpost mouse pad has RGB LED lighting that can be custom configured with up to 16.8 million RGB LED color combinations, all programmable through the OMEN Command Center. Custom lighting is one of the features gamers enjoy, as an aesthetic indicator of high quality and performance.