Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel & Pedals

  • 2023

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Commissioned By:

Logitech Inc

Designed In:

United States of America

The Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel and Pedals is a pro-level racing simulation ecosystem designed with and for the pro sim racer. Featuring TRUEFORCE feedback technology and high-performance direct drive to deliver the most precise and pure connection to the car, the road and the race.

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  • The result of collaboration with professional sim racers around the world, the wheel has been designed to be precise, intuitive and customizable. In addition, the pedal system has been designed to be infinitely configurable to match the feel and layout of a wide range of racing preferences and profiles.

  • This is Logitech's first Pro level racing solution designed for the world's fastest sim racers. Logitech G sim wheels are forever changed thanks to TRUEFORCE. Experience in-game physics, road conditions, and motor vibrations with near-instant precision. Combined with a powerful Direct Drive motor, PRO Wheel delivers unrivaled racing realism with higher frequencies than ever before.

  • The Logitech G Pro Wheel & Pedals seamlessly blends professional grade technology with an intuitive, user-friendly design, creating an instantly immersive racing experience. The wheel is the first to combine a powerful direct drive motor with our proprietary real-time haptic software technology TRUEFORCE, delivering unrivaled racing realism with higher frequencies than ever before. The pedals complete the realistic driving experience with a load cell brake, allowing for greater consistency and precision while racing. Drivers can also quickly adjust the feel of all three pedals by swapping internal springs or elastomers.

  • The Logitech G Pro Wheel & Pedals is the next chapter in a long history of serving the sim racing community with high quality products. With this new design we are bringing the thrill of racing to even more people with the highest level of fidelity and craftsmanship to date, for a truly professional level racing experience.Logitech products are proudly built to stand the test of time. Every part of these products has not only been engineered to withstand extreme conditions but also thoughtfully designed to be configurable and adaptable to different gaming platforms, environments, and user needs, ensuring a long usable life of the product.