HP EliteDisplay E14 G4

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

HP EliteDisplay E14 G4 is a portable accessory display. The HP EliteDisplay E14 G4 display stand folds flat, for mobile business users who need dual-display functionality with their laptop, wherever they choose to work.

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  • The HP Design team was asked to find a way for the mobile professional to have dual displays like they might at the office. The problems that had to be solved were portability, and ergonomics. How do we make a portable secondary display in this remote-work-from-anywhere era?

  • HP Design solved the problems by making a light, portable display that folds flat for easy travel. It is twice as thin as HP's previous accessory display. To make it light HP Design used injection molded magnesium, a mylar front and less materials overall. After considering ergonomics and human factors, HP Design made it the same height as the laptop, so that the user's eye position stays level. HP Design focused on the narrow borders on the three sides of the display, reduced thickness, with a display that gives the same look and performance as our Elite series laptops.

  • Because the product is composed of fewer parts, it's easier to assemble for less energy use in production, and easier to disassemble for recycling at end of life. The brief was to be thinner, with less material usage than the predecessor product. Because it's reduced weight, it also has less of an impact on shipping. The packaging is recycled material. When it comes to manufacturing, this product is the first to use a laser etched regulatory label, instead of a pad printed label that has waste in the manufacturing process.

  • The display uses very low power, and can be powered by the laptop or mobile phone over USB-C, without putting a large drain on the battery of the device. The display supports pass-through power, so the laptop power adapter can be connected to one USB-C port of the display, and the computer connected to the second port of the display. The power adapter will both power the display and charge the laptop, even though the display is in-between the laptop and the power adapter. The same is true if the device connected to the display is a mobile phone or tablet.