HP Elite c1030 Chromebook

  • 2020

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The HP Elite c1030 Chromebook brings Chrome to enterprise customers with the world’s first premium Chromebook with privacy screen, the highest Chromebook screen-to-body ratio and the most sustainable Chromebook, made of recycled aluminium and reclaimed ocean-bound plastics.

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  • The questions asked of HP Designers were, what makes a Chromebook at home in the enterprise world? How can a Chromebook address user privacy and safety? How can it appear sleek and professional? And can it be manufactured in a way that is responsible and sustainable? HP designers had to answer these questions that haven't been asked about Chromebook and the enterprise customer until now.

  • HP designers considered how to maximize the screen for a 13-inch laptop. Using a 3:2 ratio for the 13.5-inch display gives a vertical height of a 15” notebook in a 13-inch form factor. This is ideal for key cloud applications. In order to meet the aesthetic expectation as a premium notebook, designers added a brushed finish all over the sidewall including the hinge caps, which help slender look and feel. Also keyboards are painted in silver to match to the Aluminum color that separates c1030 from other class laptops. The smaller bezel needed deeper study of display part assembly.

  • HP Design focused not only on making a beautiful product that met the user's needs, but also on making the most sustainable Chromebook ever. The HP Elite c1030 Chromebook is made from recycled aluminum with select internal plastics from reclaimed ocean-bound plastics. The aluminum and the reclaimed plastics are able to be recycled at the end of the computer's life, making it sustainably sourced, ethical when it becomes due for replacement. HP created supply chains for ocean-bound plastics. These computers are produced with conservation as a core priority. This reduces their impact on the environment both in sourcing and production.

  • The 3:2 display delivers an ideal editing and browsing experience with the wider display real estate compared to 16:9. This is especially useful when editing pages in the browser side by side. The x360 hinge provides a perfect tablet use with the laptop's thinner form factor. It works in all the ways the mobile professional does, as a laptop, easel, tent, or tablet positions.