HP 23.8″ All-in-One Desktop

  • 2022

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Designed By:

Commissioned By:

HP Inc.

Designed In:

United States of America

The HP 23.8″ All-in-One PC offers a slim and power-efficient form factor that fits well in the home. Throughout the recent global pandemic, the personal computer has proven that it is an essential way to stay connected, get work done, and be entertained.

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  • The 23.8" All-in-One was made for work from home, and to be the computer, entertainment, and charging station for your mobile phone. The problem was that in small, shared living spaces, the computer had to be neat, and organized, so that it wasn't drawing attention to cables or clutter, and could withstand multiple people using, adjusting, and working with it.

  • users want to focus on the display and they want minimal visual distraction on the product. * The PC is an essential way to stay connected, get work done, and be entertained * All-in-one computers are ideally suited for small spaces that are more common in large cities Form * 4 sided near-borderless display to immerse user in their content * thin stand to make the product seem lighter on the desk * audio components behind the display to appear as if the product is all screen.

  • Environmentally Aware. Responsibly Made. This monitor’s plastics consist of 50% recycled materials and its recyclable packaging is 100% sustainably sourced. Recycled textiles: speaker grille made from 1 bottle recycled polyester (rPET) EPEAT Silver To receive an EPEAT Silver, the product went through a highly rigorous and comprehensive assessment, scored on the Reduction/Elimination of Environmentally Sensitive Materials, Material Selection, Design for End of Life, Product Longevity/Life Extension, and Energy Conservation. •HP helps minimize the carbon footprint of our products by powering the final assembly of 90% of our WW PC and Display products with 100% renewable electricity

  • Function: * Designed for both work and entertainment in mind * The design focuses on making everything hidden from view but the screen. The pop up web camera, the audio behind the display, all.