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eo SwimBETTER is an electronic wearable device that accurately quantifies your swimming technique right on the pool deck. As the fastest way to improve your swim is to improve your technique, eo SwimBETTER marks a game-changing moment for the sport.

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  • The brief was to develop a wearable device that could digitally capture a Swimmer’s technique, process it, quantify it, and present it back to the swimmer to help them improve. SwimBETTER needed to be accurate, easy to use, compact, and cater for swimmers from beginner to elite. It could not interfere with the swimming stroke. SwimBETTER would need to be durable in harsh chlorine and salt-water environments, and low cost to manufacture in volume. SwimBETTER had to look and feel great on a swimmer's hands, and incorporate a design aesthetic that visually communicated the cutting-edge technology product that it is.

  • Performance was paramount, hence the highest accuracy electronics and algorithms were painstaking developed, tested, and refined both in the lab and the pool. The technology package was then miniaturized into a rigid flex PCBA that could be fitted into a compact handheld enclosure. The enclosure underwent iterative refinement where size, fit, hydrodynamics, and aesthetics were optimised through multiple rounds of user testing in order to simultaneously achieve all design goals. Swim data is transmitted via Bluetooth to a custom-developed multi-platform App that provides easy to read graphs that allow opportunities for swim performance improvement to be easily identified.

  • Swimming is a complex motion and current state-of-the-art technique analysis methods are subjective and rely on expert opinion, are complex, and are simply unavailable to most swimmers. SwimBETTER is the only product to perform quantitative technique analysis that is easily accessible to all swimmers. And it makes swimming more fun! SwimBETTER provides a step-change in the quantifiable analysis of the swimming stroke, will facilitate the collection of technique data that was previously not possible, will provide new insights into optimal swimming technique, and is set to change the way that we coach and train swimmers forever.

  • SwimBETTER features: - Easy to use; simply put them on, power on, align to the pool, hit the record button, and start swimming - High accuracy; utilises state-of-the-art 9-axis motion sensors with optimised algorithms, and 2-axis pressure sensing, enabling the precise analysis of swimming technique - Easy to interpret; complex swimming motions are simplified into a number for key graphs and summary metrics that provide deep swimming insights that are easy to understand e.g. how much force is applied in the forward direction, where in the stroke force is being applied in the wrong direction, etc - Multiple Apps; includes a Coach’s App designed to cater for swim teams, a Smartphone App providing simplified insights, and a cloud server for processing data and running advanced algorithms - Compact and comfortable; contoured and shaped to easily fit in the palm of a swimmer’s hand, only 30g each - Hydrodynamic; does not impact swimmers “feel” of the water or require the user to change their normal swimming stroke - Durable and chemical resistant; multi-layer construction and internally filled for the ultimate in robustness - Available with multiple straps to fit the smallest and largest hands - Available in a range of memory sizes to cater for different budgets