Health Partners Website

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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  • Evolution 7

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Health Partners

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With an 80-year operating history under their belt and a community of over 80,000 members, Health Partners is South Australia’s largest open health fund. We were called in to redevelop their marketing website, making sure it was a fast, seamless experience that would improve member loyalty and increase retention.

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  • Our main focus was to improve the overall member experience. Health Partners were less concerned with getting new leads and more concerned with optimising the experience for their current members. Besides a seamless user experience, they also required a digital platform that would enable the internal HP team to easily add, create, and edit content; track and analyse the behaviour of visitors; and implement best conversion practices. In redeveloping the site, they also required a CMS that supported two-factor authentication. When it comes to site security, we're only too happy to help.

  • After conducting extensive research into HP user behaviours and needs - through both interviews with members and Google analytics data - we were able to successfully redevelop the site and improve user experience. Most notably we enabled members better access to self-serve information primarily in a task-oriented manner, such as booking a dental or optical appointment online. We also made sure the site was responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile; gave the design a much-needed facelift; and redesigned the navigation to make contact information better displayed.

  • For this project, the aim of the game was to improve user experience and subsequently improve brand loyalty. Happy members are loyal members, after all. To do this, we made it easier for members to find content relevant to their industry coverage; built a secure CMS that improved internal processes and provided the HP marketing team with ways to personalise info and content; and implemented methods for HP to create more pages and add additional content easily without dependence on developers. These changes all greatly benefited the in-house marketing team, resulting in commercial growth.