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  • 2022

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  • FireMate Software Pty Ltd
  • Nicky Watson, Product Design Lead
  • Niall Blair, Product Designer

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FireMate Software Pty Ltd

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To protect and save lives in the face of fire catastrophes, fire protection specialists use FireMate’s web and mobile applications to ensure the safety of buildings and infrastructure. Designed in alignment with Australia’s complex regulatory and legislative fire protection requirements, FireMate automates and facilitates essential activities and compliance reporting.

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  • Performing some of the most advanced research in fire protection, Australia's fire protection industry, legislation and standards have become known worldwide. The high quality of Australia's fire protection legislation has resulted in a complex landscape of requirements that licensed specialists must navigate, manage and report. This volume and complexity can introduce risks, such as: - Human error and misinterpretation of requirements. - Falling behind or neglecting maintenance and repairs. - Misreporting on the safety of properties and assets. - Reactive instead of proactive response to asset and system failures. - False alarms, impacting occupants and emergency services. - Failure of a system during a fire.

  • Being compliant is crucial but not always easy for those responsible for the critical care of fire protection assets and systems. The FireMate team, in collaboration with customers, industry networks and regulatory bodies, have transformed fire protection businesses and industry by improving accuracy, efficiency and compliance. FireMate’s applications can: - Schedule thousands of maintenance activities within seconds to meet industry standards. - Ensure accurate and compliant testing with in-app prompts built around the requirements of relevant standards. - Enable on-site teams to collect all information needed to produce compliant reports quickly. - Track property and asset performance data to provide proactive servicing and maintenance.

  • FireMate has transitioned fire protection businesses and specialists away from paper-based documentation, complex spreadsheets, and triple data handling. Hundreds of businesses and thousands of specialists use FireMate daily to manage millions of fire protection assets; extinguishers, hydrants and early warning systems. FireMate's data shows that more than a third of all assets become defective over three years, with millions of fire assets inspected, documented and repaired over that period. Investing in an evidence-based approach and human-centred design has transformed the prioritisation and delivery of features. Meanwhile, collaboration with local specialists and regulators has enabled FireMate's expansion in the UK market.

  • FireMate identified the least efficient processes across the fire protection industry and businesses and the highest risk areas for human error, then developed a workflow and system that addresses these issues through automation, background processing and software integrations. FireMate's workflow: - FireMate comes preinstalled with historical and current maintenance standards for fire protection systems and assets. - FireMate digitised and linked the individual requirements and checklists for each maintenance standard. - Users manage their Customers, Contracts and Properties in FireMate. - When setting up properties, users are prompted to select the standard that applies to the property and add the assets, systems and products located on the property. - Automation triggers and creates the activities, tasks, and schedules required to maintain the property under local standards and compliance regulations. - Coordinators schedule maintenance, service and repair work to specialists, who receive this on mobile devices. - The specialists conduct their work by selecting the asset and repairing or passing and failing compliance tasks. - When failing a checklist item, the specialist goes through a flow that captures the required repair works and reporting data. - When work is complete, FireMate automates the next activity's deadlines and requirements and flags all compliance reports ready to be sent to property owners.