Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding from James Hardie

  • 2022

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James Hardie

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Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding is an Australian designed cladding that allows homeowners to get the highly desired fine textured rendered look, with reduced costs and maintenance issues of traditional render. (Render accounts for ~1/3rd of walls in Australia). It’s the fastest growing (sales volume) innovation in James Hardie Australia’s history.

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  • Globally the building industry is struggling with housing affordability, labour shortages and challenges of urbanisation. Locally there’s a growing desire for modern homes with mixed materials and rendered finish which has its downfalls. The challenge was to: - Deliver the simplest method of achieving a fine texture finish using our proven fibre cement technology and lightweight construction methods. - Address labour shortages by removing the need for texture coating and specialist application. - Deliver a consistent high-quality finish that’s durable and looks good. Previous textured rendered walls would depend on the applicator’s skill. Poor quality install often leading to cracks in the walls.

  • The design solution focussed on product simplicity and install methodology – reducing components, labour and maintenance. The solution: •A pre-textured fibre cement cladding panel with a fine render finish which was crafted by a master renderer, and is pre-sealed and ready to paint. •Subtle V-groove between panels created by a shiplap joint, eliminating need for plaster-set joints associated with cracking risks, •Carpenter-friendly installation with no renderers or bricklayers required. Simply nail and paint. •A suite of architecturally designed corner and junction accessories, to streamline the installation process and deliver a consistent, quality finish upholding the integrity of the design.

  • Now on thousands of homes, it has allowed homeowners to get the look they are after whilst minimising costs, time and complexity to create it. As with all cladding by James Hardie, it reduces wall mass compared to masonry systems, which can lead to lower carbon cost over the homes lifecycle (ie: less materials up front, whilst still fit for purpose over the buildings estimated life.) Stocked in over 700 stores, our channel partners can capture this value through selling a higher-price offer, adding value to both the Hardie™ brand and elevating the Australian exteriors in the eyes of homeowners.

  • Additional features and benefits: •Offers architects and designers more creative freedom to explore the possibilities of lightweight construction including floating volumes and integration of stacking doors for indoor-outdoor living. •The panels have a sealer applied in the factory which allows easy onsite application of standard specialist paints, in any colour, to provide endless design opportunities. •Panels are available in large sheet sizes for broad coverage to minimise wastage (Up to 3600mm) •Alongside the development of Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding we created a suite of architecturally designed accessories for corners, junctions and terminations. •Panels are certified: structurally reliable, weatherproof, deemed non-combustible, and bushfire resistant up to BAL40. Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding panels are suitable for where non-combustible materials are required. •The product is CodeMark certified, and all panels are made in accordance with James Hardie’s strict quality assurance process which is IS09001 and StandardsMark certified (AS2908.2). Sustainability Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding delivers a durable, lower maintenance solution for the render look. Built-to-last fibre cement materials not only require fewer resources for replacement but also help reduce maintenance and repair costs. Hardie™ Fine Texture Cladding is locally made in Sydney, helping to minimise transport costs to the environment.