Grifco LR-Drive Roller Door Opener

  • 2021

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    Hardware and Building

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Chamberlain Group

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Grifco’s LR-Drive is designed to automate the large and heavy roller doors commonly found in garages, sheds, warehouses, shop fronts and industrial units. This Australian product was launched to offer residential and commercial consumers a thoughtfully designed, extremely functional and intelligent solution to automate new or existing doors.

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  • By their nature, roller door openers face a tough design challenge. Firstly, they are required to fit into tight physical spaces and integrate functionally with the roller door itself. This places demands on the designers to understand the different roller door configurations, manufacturers and onsite variability. Functionally, roller door openers are called upon to integrate into the surrounding building management ecosystem. This could be anything from simple remote controls and internet connectivity, to sophisticated building management systems and access control devices. Regardless, the design must marry the traditional fit, form and functional challenges with safety, security, speed and convenience.

  • LR-Drive was a genuine ground up development which took a fresh look at the design challenge. The critical design elements considered focused on the following: - Sideroom clearance The extremely tight 45mm opener thickness required to fit in between the door drum and the mounting bracket - Teeth (tine) length and material To balance the high tensile strength and torque requirements with a configuration that matches any door manufacturer's drum - Battery backup location Onboard mounted battery backup unit with the option to remove and separately mount - Easy device configuration An innovative control panel array to accommodate multiple input and output devices.

  • LR-Drive has quickly become the industry leading roller door opener for heavy residential and light commercial applications. Sales have increased 30% on its predecessor as it takes market share. These doors are the heaviest and most difficult to operate. Channel partners now rely on LR-Drive due to its adaptability, proven strength and feature set. This is the first product to offer Smartphone control for shed and light commercial applications. The benefits this offers end users is incredible given many of these applications rely on the roller door opener to provide the single source of access to their building.

  • Encrypted Radio Technology Chamberlain Group's "Security +2.0" radio technology is used for communication between the LR-Drive and it's remote controls. This technology is industry leading in regards to security, range and reliability. Remote Transmitters LR-Drive is packed with 2 keyring transmitters and a remote wall button. Operation fo the door is simple and convenient, removing the need to wire devices in for access control. Removable Terminal Block Installers are faced with physically wiring many input and output devices into these openers. The design team approached the terminal method by allowing the entire terminal block to be removable from the opener. This allows all wiring to be installed easily and safely, under better illumination. Then it is simply plugged back in. This is especially important when working at heights. Spare Parts Access Common parts that need replacing in roller door openers include transformers and encoders. These elements are often hidden deep in a door opener's design and are extremely hard to isolate. LR-Drive's designers positioned the common components in a unique position and placed them behind a panel that can be accessed even when the opener is installed. All spare parts are readily available and cost effective.