Globe Live

  • 2019

  • Architectural
    Architectual Design

Commissioned By:

Globe Telecom

Designed In:


Globe Live is a new flagship experience for the refreshed Globe brand. It is situated on the Bonifacio High Street greenbelt and activates two public plazas and surrounding open-air terraces. Live is strategically designed to act as a lifestyle retail hub and entertainment arts venue, engaging directly with the public.

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  • From an architectural perspective, Globe Live converts into one of two modes: interconnected retail space and dramatic amphitheater performance space. The entire structure creates a a distinct format flagship, 150m long with two retail stores connected by a 36m long glass bridge which was designed in collaboration with leading structural engineers, Eckersley O’Callaghan. Seismic considerations and existing underground services necessitated the design of complex foundations and seismic isolation joints to separate the retail stores from the glass bridge. Hydraulically-operated LED screens shift towards the center of the bridge for performances, a consideration which required additional structural analysis and design.

  • The Globe Live structure is a transformative structure that embodies the company’s focus on media content, leveraging the outdoor plazas for live performances, broadcast events and as a venue for Globe Studios’ original shows. Its defining glass bridge transforms into a floating stage, providing the public with the opportunity to experience the arts, reflecting the shift of the company’s focus from selling mere bandwidth (Pipes) to emerging as a premier content provider (Emotion) throughout the Philippines.

  • The unique aspects allow the experience to transform from a retail experience into an entertainment venue designed to engage and invite people from all social and economic strata. Globe is committed activating entertainment talents of new generation of Philippine artists and performers. While the primary goals define the larger public space as an entertainment venue and connected retail experience, the space is designed to support both paid guest and open seating for anyone interested to participate in a celebrity performance. The surrounding amphitheater allows each performance to be shared by anyone of economic means to become inspired by live entertainment

  • Globe Live responds to numerous program elements from urban public space, multiple circulation intersections and the primary retail experience areas. A state of the art green screen production studio, green room performer spaces and support functions for a variety of venue configurations are designed into the structure. The twin LED panels cantilever out into the public space from the sides of the venue to focus and frame events insuring visibility and experience from the events from the surrounding amphitheater. For Globe this site is the pinnacle experience blending both the product and service offers of Philippines leading technology company and the continuously expanding creative potential of the entertainment community. The Globe business has taken the content offers to new levels providing locally sourced and Filipino specific performers and producers a channel for local content creation. Globe has also sponsored a TV series for young people to create new narratives shot on their mobile devices and activated across the digital space. While the architecture is distinct and designed to fit into a complex site condition the true innovation is the extent to which Globe has used the solution to unlock an entire generation of creativity.