F!ZZ: Grab Life by the Bubbles!

  • 2016

  • Communication
    Branding and Identity

Designed By:

  • PepsiCo Design & Innovation

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United States

PepsiCo created F!ZZ, a playful celebration of bubbles, to offer people a completely new drink experience. F!ZZ is the future of soft drink mixology—what we call “Fizzology”—bringing to life the fun, effervescence and excitement of soda through a unique experience filled with surprising new flavors and unexpected ingredients.

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  • F!ZZ meets the growing demand for soda mixology and a consumer desire for an immersive beverage experience. To define the F!ZZ experience, we take event attendees on a unique, sensorial journey that is both emotive and memorable. F!ZZ drinks offer unexpected ingredient combinations—including flavor shots, garnishes and foams—to create a fun, adventurous way for consumers to deconstruct and reconstruct soda. Guests choose their favorite F!ZZ flavor for a hands-on personal mixology experience. Drink options include creative flavors such as “Hulk Smash”—Mountain Dew with a lime flavor shot, coconut milk, raspberry foam, frozen strawberry threads and green apple pop rocks—which are enjoyed from a bubble-shaped cup.

  • Based on PepsiCo's iconic portfolio of soda brands, F!ZZ takes the bubbles out of the bottle and transforms them into an immersive adventure for all five senses. This 360-degree immersive event includes actual bubbles and smoke, flavor scent tubes, a DJ and fizzologists who create drinks that embody the fun-spirited nature of F!ZZ. Every aspect of the F!ZZ environment reinforces a singular and consistent brand vision, including the architecture and graphic design system. Each design element, from spinning striped globes and custom illustrated flavor avatars to circular mixology stations, echoes and celebrates the concept of effervescence.

  • The popularity of F!ZZ at events is undeniable—guests line up and eagerly await their chance to create their own personal F!ZZ drink. As people experience the excitement of F!ZZ they pose, drink in hand, for photos designed to share with their friends all over the world. F!ZZ allows people to reimagine PepsiCo's beverage brands, leaving them with a memorable experience and a lasting impression of PepsiCo as an innovative company. F!ZZ gives people a fully immersive, unforgettable experience and a chance to 'Grab Life by the Bubbles!'