Frameless Display Cases

  • 2019

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Louis St-Gelais, CEO / designer
  • Denis Lapointe, Production Director
  • François Marcotte, Design Director
  • Lauraine Hamel, R&D Supervisor, Designer

Commissioned By:

Louis St-Gelais, CEO / designer

Denis Lapointe, Production Director

François Marcotte, Design Director

Lauraine Hamel, R&D Supervisor, Designer

Designed In:


The new Frameless display case fascinates with its simplicity and perfection. Its meticulous and accurate design manages to skillfully hide the underlying complexity and opening mechanism. Completely frameless, this innovative climate-controlled case is equipped with an intelligent lighting and monitoring system and rests on an ultra-thin steel base.

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  • MORE
  • Designed for museum environments, this ingenious frameless case has everything that conservators and exhibit designers can ever wish for. Its all-glass frameless design is the ideal solution to avoid cast shadows and highlight the beauty of the artifact. Always seeking for the optimal environmental conditions to display their sensitive collection, museums will be amazed with this climate-controlled display case that offers monitoring possibilities and highly sophisticated technological features. The ultimate and ambitious goal behind this innovative concept is to provide the most invisible, yet highly secured case, that will draw all attention to its content in an unprecedented way.

  • We are the first design and manufacturing firm to come up with such an accurate and unique design that hides and conceals any electrical or mechanical component. Even the lighting is embedded in the glass! The opening mechanism has been completely reinvented to provide a case with a full-access door, without visible hinges or locks. The base has also been reduced to its minimum while integrating highly-sophisticated wi-fi monitoring equipment such as sensors, alarms and lighting controls. The assembly itself is without a doubt the most challenging part due to the extreme precision requirements between each component.

  • Any designers would hope to present artifacts in the most invisible display structures. Today’s new modern architectural concepts call for contemporary, pure and environmental designs. The new frameless cases have caught attention from important design firms and have earned us a first international project in Dubai. Although it is new, several establishments have already purchased these cases while other world-known institutions have expressed significant interest. Made with 100% recyclable or recycled materials, this innovative product, merged with our exceptional know-how and expertise, contributes to the evolution of the museum industry and brings our company to a whole new level.

  • • Freestanding display case with an ultra-thin base that provides the needed strength and stability. It is only 76 mm high; • UV laminated, non-reflective and ultra-clear security glass; • Airtight display chamber with an extremely low air exchange rate that meets conservation standards; • Invisible sealed door with no visible hinge; • Full-sized glass door with over 90 degree opening; • High-security locks; • Passive climate control with desiccant tray; • Custom designs and sizes to fulfill your needs; • Black or clear mitred glass edges with extreme precision assembly; • Custom colors and finishes available for the base; • Dimmable LED lighting embedded into the glass top. Fully hidden electric wires (in the vertical glass joints). Glass top can be customized with various dimensions, number of led spots and desired brightness. Other lighting options are also available such as Fiber-optic or and mini projectors on power-tracks; • As an option, the base can integrate a user-friendly wi-fi module that can be accessed with any mobile device. This module allows the user to obtain all relevant information, in real time: o Temperature reading o Relative humidity reading o Brightness (lux) adjustment and reading o Manual and/or motion detection lighting control o Data history (last 3 days)