Fonzarelli NKD

  • 2020

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

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Fonzarelli Bikes

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With agile handling and a lightweight, compact build, it’s a ride that’s built for the future. Off-road riding or cutting through the urban jungle, the NKD brings simple sophistication outdoors.

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Image: Adam Flipp
Image: Adam Flipp
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  • While the transport sector is the second biggest emitter of carbon emissions globally, there has been limited transition to electric motorcycles and cars in Australia. Concerns around ‘range-anxiety’, how and where to charge and whether EVs could meet our performance requirements are all roadblocks.

  • To create a consumer-centric electric motorcycle that will simply integrate into our lives succinctly through a highly customisable powertrain that exceeds performance and range requirements. Delivering a customisable micro-mobility solution that is tailored to meet the needs (and wants) of each individual rider. Importantly it had to far exceed its petrol counterparts' performance capability and achieved this with the title of the worlds fastest short wheel base moto, at zero to 100km/h in 3.9 seconds. State-of-the-art handling with a silent powertrain, low centre of gravity and balanced weight ratio so you’re off-road ready.

  • One of the major draw cards of the NKD is its ability to perform to a high standard and remain sustainable. The use of recycled materials to create the body of the bike highlights Fonzarelli’s core value. Sustainability.The body kit forms one of the key aspects of the design and the ability to use recycled plastic takes that extra step to reducing the carbon footprint.

  • NKD's tank bag is ideal for streamlined commuting. Whether you’re storing your laptop, trainers or gym gear, the nifty bag secures in front of the saddle seat for a safe and convenient commute. With across body strap, made with a water-resistant finish, the tank bag not only looks good, it sits perfectly snug on the NKD for a comfortable ride.