Fonzarelli Fz

  • 2017

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    Automotive and Transport

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Fonzarelli Bikes

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Australia’s first 100% electric, zero emission motor scooter with a removable PowerPack for charge anywhere convenience. Innovative battery management means no performance compromise, fast acceleration and a top speed to keep up with urban traffic.

All with zero emissions.

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  • Our audience are established, mature professionals, who have connected to Fonzarelli's combination of retro-inspired lines coupled with innovative technology. The name itself was selected to perfectly frame this balance between history and modernity. Simple design elements such as motorcycle inspired gauges and aluminium handlebars create a quality, contemporary take on classic features. Critical functional aspects, such as the unique “Forza” boost which provides extra power when required, are branded and their design embedded into the gauges. The streamlined design and careful consideration of handlebar width means the Fonzarelli is easy to manoeuvre through standstill commuters locked in stationary cars.

  • This Fonzarelli model is specifically designed for the unique challenges of urban commuting. The PowerPack can be charged inside an apartment or at an office desk using standard 240 volt outlet, rather than requiring installation of charging infrastructure or access to a private garage. With up to 100 kilometres range between charges, the commuter will be able to get to and from work and many places in between. Unique “Forza” boost delivers immediate acceleration when required to get ahead of traffic. Reverse functionality means attempting to park on an incline is no longer the headache it can be for other motor scooter riders.

  • Cornering is one of the most challenging aspects of motorcycling. In addition to rider matched regenerative braking, Fonzarelli Glide Regeneration means the bike can slow immediately upon release of the throttle, as energy is returned to the PowerPack. The range is increased and the rider is less reliant on heavy braking, going into corners at reduced speed. Unintentional use of the Fonzarelli is ensured with the removal of the PowerPack immobilising the bike. The Fonzarelli was designed to meet the Australian Design Rule standards both within the LC motorcycle and LA moped categories. And because there is no tailpipe, spewing out emissions and getting very hot, ankle burns are a thing of the past.

  • The Fonzarelli was designed to deliver against the original intent of emission- free motoring. It has met that challenge - consuming no petrol ever. When coupled with the rider's use of electricity sourced from 100% renewables (which we encourage), this truly is a zero emission way of getting around. The Fonzarelli is made from many recyclable materials and, because its electric power source has much fewer moving parts than a traditional combustion engine, there is less waste overall (and less chance of breaking down). While no manufacturing process is yet toxin free, the construction of an electric motor is significantly more environmentally friendly than that of a diesel or petrol engine.

    Bringing emission free motoring to a broader audience was always the mission, so Fonzarelli is priced similar to comparable premium, petrol products on the market (EVs generally enter the market at significantly higher price point). This is a reflection of a commitment to ensure accessible uptake. However, this doesn't mean sacrificing quality. The Fz uses high-rated, cylindrical lithium-ion cells by Panasonic. At the forefront of rechargeable cell technology, the cells are reliable and safe and have an excellent power to weight ratio, critical on a lightweight scooter. The value for money equation gets even better when the bike is $1 per week - many times less than a petrol bike. Saving the world comes free!

    Critical to the brand is building a unique ride, profiled to each and every Fonz rider- enter FonzLab. A completely unique and personalised service, FonzLab technicians work alongside the customer to understand their riding style, preferences (like torque to power ratio) and even their lifestyles to perfectly program and stylise their ride. Fonzarelli's signature and most popular Fz model, has also been have developed with a simple swap-in, swap-out powertrain to create more models that meet the demands of different applications, such as a delivery fleet. This streamlined parts line is a significant innovation, delivering greater efficiency from a single base line model that can be customised to suit.