Finbrella; wind-stable umbrellas

  • 2016

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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Peter Stransky

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Finbrella is like no other shade umbrella: wind-stable, simple, elegant & engineered with the highest quality materials. Light weight, uncomplicated, durable & aesthetically remarkable.

The conventional shaped hexagonal canopy can be suitably deformed to deploy a ‘fin’ on top and together with a rotational capability provides enhanced wind resistance.

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  • Finbrella is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional for applications in diverse markets. From boats to cafes, beaches to markets, luxury homes and commercial projects, Finbrella provides a new alternative for durable wind-stable shade. The 'fin' design is unique in the umbrella world and one can quickly understand it's functionality when likened to the tail on a windmill. When wind impacts on the fin the fully rotational asymmetric canopy is forced to align with the wind in such a way that substantially improves wind resistance. In action, the Finbrella begs the question “why hasn't it been done before?”

  • The Finbrella canopies are made of highest quality outdoor fabrics to provide lasting sun (and rain) protection. The 'fin' is deployed by a simple draw rope. The upper centre pole and canopy can be interchangeably positioned on the spigot of a variety of different anchoring bases (to suit different ground types) The relatively lightweight construction and optimized geometry allows for easy set up and stow way. The 5 models range in size from 1.6 - 4.0m in diameter

  • Finbrella is a dynamic structure that rotates to align with wind direction. Ground clearances comply with general standards requiring at least 2m. Opening, closing and locking mechanisms have been optimized to ensure negligible risk of injury using Finbrella. The substantially improved wind stability design and the extensive consideration given to base/anchoring designs reduce the risk of the shade structure toppling relative to comparable sized conventional static umbrellas. Finbrella guidance and instructions go to considerable length to inform users of the limitations of wind speed resistance.

  • Finbrella has been manufactured with only the highest quality materials. Including only 316 grade stainless for all steel parts, premium anodized 6061 T6 aluminium, reinforced nylon-6 and solution dyed acrylic canopies with a 5-year warranty. The current Finbrella price points represent excellent value for comparative high quality umbrellas. All materials of construction have been tested and specified by Finbrella through its on-going product development programme. More than 90 % of the componentry has been custom moulded, extruded, pressed and forged to Finbrella's specific design instructions.

    Finbrella believes it offers excellent value for those seeking luxury, designer-type umbrellas. This claim is made by comparing Finbrella's $/m2 of shade with other products in the market. Finbrella compares very favourably without any premium value ascribed for it wind stability, versatility or uniqueness. Prices range from $295 for the complete F-160 to $2550 for the optioned polished 316 stainless centre pole model with Movable Camlock Base on the largest F-400. Finbrella is a new company established to produce wind stable umbrellas. It intends to be recognized as the very best centre pole umbrellas of its type available anywhere.

    Finbrella is the world's first rotating centre pole, 'fin' equipped umbrella designed with specific aerodynamic considerations on the market. Finbrella's dynamic wind-stable design features have been adapted from an Italian patent that had never been translated to a functional commercial product until Finbrella commenced development 3 years ago. The Finbrella Camlock anchoring system is a South Australian invention initially created for movable street bollards. Finbrella has been the first to adapt and use this very clever design for anchoring umbrellas.