• 2021

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    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Anna Wilcox

Commissioned By:

Meagan Redelman

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The CONNECT™ PLUS baby carrier is thoughtfully crafted to nurture a true connection between parent and child. With market-leading innovations and patents pending, the carrier was designed in Australia for the unique local lifestyle and enrich the family journey.

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  • The design challenge involved a deep understanding of Australian consumer pain points not addressed in existing propositions, particularly: Climate How can the carrier adjust for all temperatures for Australia's vast and varying climates? Warmer temperatures are problematic, resulting in sweat and discomfort, whilst cooler conditions require warmth. Ergonomics How can the carrier provide support without bulky padding, which also creates sweat and discomfort for the wearer? Deepening bonding How can we further harness the emotional benefit (connection with baby) of babywearing? Privacy and protection How do we provide coverage and support of the baby's head and face using one hand?

  • Key market-first innovations: One carrier, all climates Tri-layer™ design - converts between three layers (mesh, windbreaker and removable thermal layer) Perforated neoprene shoulder straps - provide ventilated support whilst removing padding and bulk Honeycomb™ technology - perforated, undulating padding providing channels for airflow on the waistband, lumbar support Removable shoulder padding - for extra support only when you need it Connect™ Pockets Slide your hands through openings in the carrier body to cradle your baby directly with your hands Extendable SmartShade™ Integrated, extendable, and opens with one hand, leveraging a concave and convex design, providing head support, protection and privacy

  • Babywearing has many benefits for both parent and child. It is practical, promotes bonding, eases unsettledness, promotes healthy hip development and overall wellbeing. The innovations and market-first features of the CONNECT™ PLUS will change the way Australian parents' babywear, driving adoption of the category and its benefits. The baby carrier market has lacked innovation for years. There are no products designed to cater for the Australian lifestyle. Our strong proposition in this category and heavy investment in IP protection will deliver strategic competitive advantage, driving strong revenue, market share and customer experience.

  • Four comfortable positions Created for newborns to 20kg toddlers, the CONNECT™ PLUS offers four comfortable and ergonomic configurations, with adjustable leg positions to support your baby as they grow. Hip dysplasia friendly, endorsed by Healthy Hips Australia Promotes healthy hip development and is ideal for babies with hip dysplasia. Ergonomic design For comfortable all-day wearing and adjustment. Our Sixway™ buckle system allows you to disconnect the carrier from your shoulders, sides, back and waist using a range of soft-close, magnetic and heavy-duty buckles. Intuitive pull-forward straps provide flexibility in adjusting the carrier on the go. Your baby's weight is evenly distributed across your hips and waist, further aided by the padded lumbar support, providing support and comfort. Innovative, market-leading design With patents pending, the CONNECT™ PLUS provides thoughtfully considered, exclusive features, each carefully crafted to nurture a true connection between parent and child. Sustainable, For Future™ We strive to use resources and make decisions that safeguard our planet for future generations. Our CONNECT™ PLUS proudly uses 100% plastic-free packaging and is built to last for years and years to come. Accessories Removable Shoulder Padding, 100% OEKO-TEX® Teething Bib, Plush Microfiber Thermal Layer, Rain Cover and UPF50+ Sunshade