Final Bowl: the Pocketable-Collapsible Alternative

  • 2020

  • Product
    Housewares and Objects

Designed By:

  • Five Cove

Commissioned By:

Five Cove

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A pocketable-collapsible bowl designed to reduce its single use plastic counterparts. The prominence of takeaway establishments has translated to a surge in single use plastic takeaway waste. With its slim profile, Final Bowl is a sustainable alternative designed for individuals to easily carry and re-use.

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  • For us to provide a viable sustainable alternative to disposable containers, we wanted to create a product that tackles convenience, particularly as it relates to bulkiness. A container that is compact, and not cumbersome. Secondly, our research indicated consumers increasingly want a reusable product that is both stylish and functional. One that resembles more of an accessory than a mundane product. We felt boosting consumer engagement serves to boost reusability and drive our mission.

  • We tackled the convenience and bulkiness aspect by providing a versatile offering, which can be collapsed and expanded, thereby boosting its portability. We initially thought about using glass, but its bulkiness render them too cumbersome to carry. We eventually settled with food-grade silicon due to its lightweight and collapsible features. Secondly, we tackled the style component by having an earlobe on the lid, which attaches to a wrist strap that users can personalise. We wanted consumers to have a level of engagement with the product, achieved by personalisation and monogramming capabilities.

  • Environmental sustainability is at our core, with Final Bowl geared to reduce single use containers and provide a sustainable alternative.

  • Disposable takeaway containers are not only free, but fairly convenient for individuals to momentarily use and discard, thereby presenting a key challenge. For us to affect consumer behaviour on carrying a reusable container, we felt we needed to provide a product that consumers will be connected with. We researched and looked into reusable items that have been well adopted by consumers, and have increasingly found consumers wanting an aesthetically pleasing product that they would be proud to display and carry. This has been further reinforced by the popularity of image-heavy social media platforms such as Instagram. The desire to have a reusable that resembles an accessory has prompted us to incorporate the detachable wrist strap, which users can personalise thereby developing a certain level of engagement. Add to this the ability to have their names or initially on the lid. In terms of functionality, we've worked towards making it leak proof which we were able to do with the lid that attaches firmly with the interior ring.