ET1400 Emergency Tank Shower


With workforce safety at the heart of the design, Enware’s ET1400 emergency tank shower creates safe work environments for remote locations where access to water is limited. Its imposing presence, designed to emphasise safety, provides workforce confidence that first response emergency assistance is right by their side.

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  • The dynamic nature of building a sustainable business means the face of the work force is never stagnant as it is continually exploring for new opportunities. Large work site environments and remote location industries such as mining are dynamic places where processes and suitable infrastructure need to evolve quickly with productivity requirements. The ability to remain agile and keep on the move is challenging and the ever changing nature of progressive operations creates complexity for work environments to remain ‘safe’. The ET1400 Emergency tank shower allows progressive businesses to deploy remote work forces quicker, easier and safer, anywhere.

  • The need to ensure all work environments are safe inspired the ET1400’s design. The challenge was to provide remote workers with an easily deployed, semi-permanent emergency safety shower for remote locations,where suitable infrastructure such as power and water are not yet established. The ability to store and delivery enough flushing fluid in such locations required the development of a unique gravity-fed flow control technology so to reduce the water storage capacity on site and associated risks that come from that. This allowed for a more compact and versatile design that was centred around providing confidence and safety to remote workers.

  • The ET1400 emergency tank shower ensures rapid mobilisation of work forces to remote locations safely and efficiently. It provides remote operations with a cost effective solution to keep them progressing and moving forward. The simplicity of its compact design and its easy installation provides operational immediacy to deploy or relocate work forces as operations evolve and explore - without the need to set up major infrastructure. The ET1400 has been designed to represent a beacon of safety as its overall presence on site provides not only the safe work zone but also the confidence to keep working safety.

  • The ET1400 emergence tank shower is compact and versatile in design. Its robust structure and complimentary components such as eye-wash, footing base and dignity panels all pack within the 1400 litre, foam-core insulated, LLDPE water tank for easy storage, transport and deployment. Exceeding relevant performance standards, such as AS4775 and ANSI Z358.1, it has been engineered to suit category B and D wind zones, often experienced in tropical regions. Integrated within its design includes fork or crane lift capability, dual inspection hatches, water level and temperature indication, highly visual signage, lighting and alarms, easy fill and drain points. The design also includes the opportunity to incorporate a heater or chiller unit for arid or cold climate installations. Chemical and thermal skin injuries increases skin sensitivity. Therefore, from the user’s perspective it was essential to develop a special gravity fed flow controller and shower rose to ensure even and soft distribution of flushing fluid for a minimum of 15 minutes. Its aesthetic design and physical presence portrays universal characteristics synonymous with first response emergency equipment. The ET1400’s design stands tall to provide remote workers with the visual identification of where to go in an emergency and the confidence to work safely.