Sea to Summit: Frontier (Backcountry Enthusiast) Range

  • 2023

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    Sport and Lifestyle

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  • Design + Industry (D+I)

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Sea To Summit

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The Frontier Ultralight Series is an innovative, minimalist, and lightweight range of cookware, utensils, and dinnerware designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers exceptional performance, packability, and reliability, catering to serious backpacking adventurers who value ingenious solutions for cooking and dining experiences in the great outdoors.

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  • The design challenge was to address the needs of backcountry enthusiasts by creating a lightweight, space-saving, and versatile outdoor cooking and dining solution. The project aimed to improve upon existing products in terms of weight, packability, and functionality, while maintaining performance and durability. The brief required innovative designs for utensils, collapsible dinnerware, and cookware that would seamlessly nest together and provide a comprehensive, user-friendly experience for outdoor adventurers, catering to their cooking, boiling, serving, and dining needs without compromising on quality or performance.

  • The design solution focused on developing a lightweight, space-saving, and multifunctional outdoor cooking and dining system for backpackers. Key materials used include hard anodized aluminium, food-grade silicone, and glass-reinforced nylon to minimise weight. The process involved creating a nesting mechanism for utensils, cookware, and dinnerware, ensuring comfortable mouth feel for utensils, and redesigning collapsible dinnerware with smooth side walls. Overcoming challenges like designing a safe and universal pot handle, and improving the coffee pour-over filter, the team delivered the Frontier range, perfectly tailored to the needs of backcountry enthusiasts seeking minimalism and efficiency.

  • The Frontier range creates a significant impact on multiple levels. Commercially, its integrated system design and universal product language differentiate it as a premium, comprehensive outdoor cooking and dining solution for backcountry enthusiasts seeking minimalism and efficiency. Environmentally, the use of lightweight, durable materials prolongs product lifespan, reducing waste. Societally, the range encourages outdoor exploration, fostering a connection with nature and healthier lifestyles. The innovative design, nesting capabilities, and enhanced user experience contribute to the Frontier range's overall success, solidifying its position as a top choice for outdoor adventurers and exemplifying Sea to Summit's dedication to innovation and performance.

  • The Frontier range boasts several key design features and considerations that enhance its functionality and user experience. Utensils are lightweight (15-20g), nestable, anodized for high durability, and comfortable to use. Collapsible bowls and cups, 30% lighter than predecessors, have smooth sidewalls for improved use and are designed to stack and nest with other products in the range. Aluminium pots and pans are deep-drawn for performance, weight, and reliability. Their dimensions accommodate various product sets, and they can nest within each other securely with lids on. The unique handle design is made from materials suitable for open fire cooking and has an audible click when fully engaged, providing a secure grip. The 1.3L kettle, with its new design aesthetic, has improved ergonomics and grip during pouring. It can store two collapsible cups within the collapsed product. The redesigned collapsible coffee pour-over filter provides a high-quality brewing experience, with a compact and easy-to-clean design. Overall, the Frontier range reflects a thorough design process that prioritises the needs and preferences of backcountry enthusiasts. With a focus on minimalism, weight reduction, and enhanced functionality, the range achieves a harmonious balance between performance and packability, ensuring a superior outdoor cooking and dining experience for users.