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Zygo (Swimmersive Co.)

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Zygo transforms swimming and swim training to help people unlock a love of water. This Australian designed product is a world-first communication system that facilitates real-time underwater coaching, app based training and audio streaming for swimming and water sports.

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  • Founders Sheera and Charlie ran a swim school in Los Angeles and wanted to train their swimmers while they swam and create a product to make swim training and water sports more enjoyable and interactive. They couldn't find a solution that solved the problem of reliable streaming of live voice and audio, underwater and over long distances. Bluetooth headsets are available but Bluetooth can't penetrate underwater over the distances required. Waterproof audio headsets are available but they use static stored mp3 playlists rather than access to real time coaching, audio and radio.

  • Sheera and Charlie engaged with electronics and industrial designers over the course of 2 years to create a technology solution and easy to use waterproof handset and bone conduction headset. Moving from early prototypes, through a full product development program, the final product was launched in 2020. The handset transmitter uses an advanced radio frequency suitable for underwater transmission. The handset has a microphone for live speech and syncs with devices to also stream music, podcasts or radio. The headset receives the signal using novel antenna technology. Audio is heard by single or multiple users via waterproof bone conduction drivers.

  • Swimming and swim training has been a very solitary sport to this point. The Zygo product allows coaches to interact with swimmers and water sports people - allowing new types of training, feedback and exercise tuition to be developed. Serious athletes benefit from real-time coaching feedback while novice swimmers, people with mobility issues and general fitness enthusiasts enjoy added benefits of good quality audio combined with more nuanced coaching feedback. The Zygo team has developed apps to complement the product and provide additional motivation. Swimmers and aquatic sports participants love Zygo and the increased enjoyment it brings to their exercise regime.

  • Range - Transmits audio underwater to a depth of 60cm over a distance of 50m (above water distance is 800m) Streaming - Compatible with any device to stream as you do on land Live speech - The transmitter doubles as a walkie talkie Wireless - Advanced radio frequency technology penetrates water Bone conduction - An open ear audio solution that is safer and more comfortable Waterproof - Designed for all waters from seawater, chlorinated to natural Headset Form - Designed to be comfortable for a wide range of users using anthropometric data, not come off when swimming, be very easy to fit, be unambiguous and require no adjustment. Product Form - simple to hold and use controls, colour and shape mimic the flow and calmness of water Charging - The carrying case doubles as the charging station Battery - 3 hours for the headset and 8 hours for the transmitter Handset - is designed to be easy to hold with simple, minimal controls for clarity and ease of use. Is shock/drop proof, able to be clipped onto a lanyard (or belt) and has a stand to allow for optimum side of the pool streaming. Carry case - Stores the stand, headset and receiver and also doubles as the charging case