EngineRoom – Hydra Liquid Immersion Modules

  • 2023

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

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HYDRA is a revolutionary liquid immersion cooling system for high-performance data centres, designed to reduce energy consumption, footprint + noise. Its purpose is to provide a highly efficient cooling solution that is capable of effectively cooling the next generation of high performance, high power computer processors driving generative AI + Machine Learning.

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  • The design challenge posed to D+I by EngineRoom centred on creating a cutting-edge, energy-efficient, and highly reliable liquid immersion cooling solution for critical IT workloads. The brief required a design that facilitated easy installation and maintenance across various environments, while optimising server performance and minimising energy consumption. EngineRoom's vision for the HYDRA Liquid Immersion Module sought to not only overcome the limitations of traditional air-cooled systems but also revolutionise the data centre cooling landscape through a sustainable and versatile solution, complemented by a sci-fi inspired product design language representative of artificial intelligence and next-generation technology within.

  • D+I and EngineRoom collaborated closely, refining the HYDRA concept through iterative design stages, prototyping, and testing. By submerging servers in non-conductive fluid, the system overcame environmental limitations, reduced energy consumption, and improved server performance. Roadblocks such as material compatibility and fluid circulation optimization were addressed with creative engineering solutions. The design facilitates easy installation and maintenance, as well as compatibility with standard servers, FPGAs, and GPUs. The final design embodies a sustainable, efficient, and versatile cooling solution, enhanced by a striking design language that highlights the advanced technology within and reflects the brand's forward-thinking approach.

  • The HYDRA Liquid Immersion Module creates significant commercial, environmental, and societal impact. Its energy-efficient design lowers operational costs for clients, enhances server performance, and improves end-users' experiences. By reducing energy consumption by up to 50%, it directly addresses the environmental challenges our society has placed on the planet through our increasing need for and consumption of data. Its adaptability allows for installation in a variety of environments, including remote research facilities, further expanding its reach and impact. The investment in professional design results in increased market share and customer loyalty, as the innovative solution outperforms traditional systems - cools heat loads up to 4x higher than air cooled systems.

  • Compatibility: Designed to accommodate standard servers, CPUs + GPUs without requiring physical modifications, HYDRA seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure. Tolerance: The non-conductive fluid used in the system eliminates the need for strict environmental control, enabling installation in diverse settings, including high-temperature, high-humidity + dusty environments. Simplified installation and maintenance: The straightforward plumbing design easily connects to existing site cooling systems, while the non-combustible, human-friendly fluid does not require regular replacement. Scalability: A future-proof solution - Modular design allows for easy expansion to meet growing data centre needs. Operational + Environmental impact: With the potential to reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, the HYDRA system significantly decreases the carbon footprint of data centres, contributing to global sustainability efforts. Using a fluid rather than air removed dust, reduces overall wear + tear, reduces component failures - which in turn increases equipment lifespan and reduces e-waste. The elimination of server cooling fans and air conditioning equipment results in an ultra-low noise server room environment. Advanced monitoring: A comprehensive array of sensors track various parameters, including temperature, pressure, and coolant temperature + levels, enabling efficient system health and diagnostic outputs. Aesthetics: The sci-fi inspired product design language represents the next-generation technology + applied science, reflecting the innovation and vision of EngineRoom's brand + future product developments.