Ecoustic Sculpt

  • 2019

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    Furniture and Lighting

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Designed and made in Australia, Ecoustic Sculpt™ is an acoustic ceiling tile system available in a range of striking designs or customisable. The unique ceiling tile system has been awarded an Australian innovation patent and achieves a high level of acoustic performance due to its design, construction and raw materials.

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  • The Ecoustic Sculpt™ system addresses 4 principal challenges as follows: 1. To develop a modular tile system that can be used in conjunction with commonly available suspended ceiling grid structures to provide the ease of service access, maintenance, and design flexibility commonly associated with grid tiles. 2. When installed into a suspended ceiling grid structure the tile system must obscure rather than express ceiling grid frame components. 3. The Sculpt system must be easily customised for different projects. 4. The system must provide a suitable level of acoustic performance to combat the reverberant challenges common to open plan building interiors.

  • The Ecoustic Sculpt™ modular tile system incorporates notches and tabs within the tile profile ends, allowing the tiles to be inserted into ceiling grids such that the tiles overlap the grid. The grid can therefore be obscured by the Sculpt tile. The Sculpt™ system also incorporates structural aluminium rails and castellated combs that support the profiles. This combination of structure and support allows the shape, size and spacing of the lightweight system to be easily customised to specification. Ecoustic Sculpt™ achieves between NRC 0.65 – 0.95 and αlpha w 0.7 – 0.95, with an air cavity.

  • Ecoustic Sculpt™ is designed to reduce and control reverberated noise, providing acoustic balance, in building interiors such as workplaces, bars, restaurants, education and public spaces. A slim profile Ecoustic® Infill is available to significantly improve the low-frequency absorption, which includes the human speech range that is often difficult to absorb. The Ecoustic Sculpt™ system offers an unparalleled high level of design compared to the traditional plain ceiling tiles by visually enhancing ceiling grid extrusions and the room aesthetic via two alternative design attributes; parallel Sculpt™ designs overlap long axis grids with small reveal junctions while perpendicular Sculpt profiles recess gridwork.

  • Available in two sound absorbing blade thicknesses and up to 11 colours, the Ecoustic Sculpt™ system is highly versatile. Specifiers can create their own custom designs for an interior scheme with the Ecoustic Sculpt™ system. Ecoustic Sculpt™ tiles can be assembled in varying orientations to create a large-scale ceiling design feature. The tiles can be installed in an identical linear formation, mirrored to create larger shapes across multiple tiles or in a random orientation. Additionally, alternate 600 x 600 tiles can be rotated 90 degrees to create a checkerboard pattern. Multiple colours can be featured to create added depth and interest. Ecoustic Sculpt™ tiles are made-to-order from recyclable 100% PET, solid aluminium suspension rails, and removable soundscreen mesh. Sculpt™ was designed and manufactured in Australia to high-quality standards by Instyle. Sculpt™ panels have achieved low VOC and Oeko Tex certification. Ecoustic Sculpt™ tiles can be direct fixed to a structural surface, in addition to installing in a ceiling grid.