Ecoustic Neilson Acoustic Tile

  • 2022

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The Neilson tile is an acoustic decorative three-dimensional membrane intended for use in conjunction with a dedicated installation clip system, and optional internal infill panels. The Neilson tile achieves a high level of acoustic performance due to its shape, internal spatial volume and raw material composition.

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Image: Photography By Martin Mischkulnig
Image: Photography By Ben Gutherie
Image: Photography By Martin Mischkulnig
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  • The Neilson tile addresses 4 principal design challenges as follows: 1.To develop a modular tile within an environmentally responsible, and acoustically beneficial substance such as PET to ensure recycled raw material is used within its material composition. 2.Design a form which can be used in conjunction with an established clip mounting system for attachment to interior wall surfaces. 3.Create a tile appearance and dimension which will compliment typical contemporary interior design standards. 4.Create a tile geometry that will capture and reduce acoustic sound reverberation as much as possible due to shapes incorporated within the tile surface.

  • Neilson tile's 800 x 300mm footprint size provides a shape easily accommodated within typical interior wall dimensions; 3 rows of 800mm orientation create a vertical coverage of 2400mm which is useful together with skirting for common wall heights of 2700mm and above. The 300mm dimension is easily housed within typical building industry modules of 1200mm. Development testing resulted in 50mm tile depth as the maximum to provide a high performance internal acoustic volume without tile strength compromise. A serrated profile is incorporated into the tile face to maximise acoustic performance and create a beautiful visual pattern of light and shade.

  • The 34 colour options of Neilson tile achieve high standards of reverberant acoustic performance (NRC 0.90 with an absorbent Infill layer of PET inside the tile, and an NRC of 0.75 without infill). Hence the Neilson tile can significantly improve the end-user experience of a space by reducing reverberation noise and enhancing aesthetics. The tile also achieves high levels of safety; achieving a fire test standard of NCC Group 1, and low VOC/ safe handling. Up to 23% recycled content is incorporated within the tile body which is simple to install, and also simple to disassemble for recycling.

  • Neilson tiles are manufactured in Australia from raw materials processed in Australia. Composition is 100% polyester (<23% PC + PI recycled PET) Neilson Tiles are supplied with recycled cardboard installation templates which indicate positions for tile clip installation. Template instructions are straightforward, providing low installation time and associated cost requirements. All components of the Neilson tile can be assembled without the need for adhesives and can be easily disassembled for recycling. Tile installation can be landscape or portrait orientation and multiple colour combinations can be configured within installations to create added visual patterns. Installed tiles can be easily moved, and installations can be easily adjusted over time. The 300mm tile format also allows the tile to be installed on gently curving walls such as those of the Neilson Institute for Journalism. Neilson tiles are lightweight (each tile weighs approximately 0.4kg), hence the tiles can be handled and transported easily, thereby minimising the environmental impact of transportation. Neilson tiles contribute points for product specification in relation to Green star, LEED + WELLS building standards as follows: Recycled Content, Low VOC, Recycling Program, EPD, Declare Label, Green Star, Greentag Level A certification, Toxic Material Reduction, and Sound Reducing Surfaces.