Gallagher eShepherd™ eS1

  • 2023

  • Product
    Commercial and Industrial

Commissioned By:

Gallagher Animal Management

Designed In:

New Zealand

eShepherd(TM) is a solar-powered, GPS-enabled livestock virtual herding solution providing remote pasture management, animal monitoring and movement for improved livestock and land health and welfare. Redesigned in 2022 in New Zealand and Australia for the global market, eShepherd helps farmers manage their animals and land more responsibly, productively, and profitably.

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  • Physical fences are one of the oldest and most useful technologies in agriculture. However, they require significant capital investment for installation, ongoing maintenance costs and factors such as rough, inhospitable terrain or seasonal ecological grazing restrict where permanent fences can be installed. Farmers are looking for smarter, digital ways to operationalise their businesses. The eShepherd virtual fencing solution is the next evolutional step in animal and land management and addresses some of the most significant problems cattle producers face, offering benefits to farmers’ lifestyles, the natural environments which they farm, and the bottom line of their farming operations.

  • eShepherd is an IoT driven platform comprising a solar-powered GPS-enabled neckband and cloud-based application to fence, move and monitor livestock by detecting and responding to animal behaviour. This endlessly and instantly adaptable fencing solution allows farmers to move and contain livestock anywhere on their farm, breaking down difficult to fence paddocks into smaller grazing cells to run a more efficient and thriving pasture-based system. This improves pasture productivity by accessing more dry matter, avoiding overgrazing, and optimising pasture utilisation while reducing dependency of physical fencing resources, such as materials and skilled labour.

  • eShepherd enables farmers to implement cell grazing or rotational grazing systems that are tailored to farm geography, vegetation, and seasonal variations. It enables sustainable land management and regenerative agriculture by providing an efficient method to change grazing patterns and ensure pastures are used effectively. The system connects with web and mobile applications that enable farmers to instantly fence, move and monitor livestock remotely, which may significantly reduce risk during emergency events and provides a precision livestock management system; monitoring each animal within the herd as an individual, ensuring no animal gets left behind and health issues can be proactively identified.

  • A shepherd for every animal 24/7 visibility and control over the whereabouts and health of animals, connecting farmers to herds like never before. Actionable insights for happier, healthier animals Data-driven insights on animal health mean farmers can make better decisions to improve their lives. Endlessly and instantly adaptable virtual fencing Virtual fences are endlessly and instantly adaptable without dependency on materials or labour to erect and maintain, enabling farmers to save time and money in their farming operations. Cleaner farms for a greener world Exclude waterways and include previously inaccessible new grazing areas whilst preventing damage to the soil, waterways, and ecosystems. Save time to make time eShepherd™ makes animal and land management quicker and more efficient than ever. Time saved by remotely managing daily operations means having more time to spend on what matter most. Precision farming for a better bottom line Effortlessly implement rotational and automated grazing management to improve the sustainability and profitability of operations and the productivity of soil, pastures, and animals. A simple system with the power to revolutionise the way we farm Managing farms anytime, anywhere, from any device with the touch of a finger will change the way we farm for the better.