Ecoult UltraFLEX

  • 2016

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    Commercial and Industrial

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UltraFlex is the embodiment of the high performance UltraBattery® electrochemistry for small commercial, large residential, off-grid, micro-grid and diesel-efficiency applications. The UltraBattery, invented by CSIRO, combines conventional, proven and entirely recyclable lead-acid energy storage with assymmetric supercapacitance within each battery cell. This combination results in high power, high efficiency and long-life expectation.

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  • The battery energy storage (BES) unit leverages multiple functions to maximise the business case and value proposition for a commercial customer. For example, the UltraFlex can simultaneously perform daily solar PV cycling (maximising self-consumption of solar generation), back-up to critical loads or functions, demand management to reduce peak electricity usage and power quality improvement for operating sophisticated electrical equipment. It is also perfectly suited to off-grid and micro-grid applications and for combining with diesel generation on systems with variable loads to reduce diesel usage, reduce pollution and carbon emissions, reduce generator maintenance and increase overall system efficiency.

  • UltraFLEX is designed to be a SELV (Safety-Extra-Low-Voltage) 48Vdc device for electrical safety.

  • Flexible power rating and energy capacity means that the UltraFlex can be sized to suit customers' requirements. There are indoor and outdoor installation options, and the unit is designed to be able to be pre-assembled to facilitate ease of installation and to minimise labour effort required at site.

  • UltraFlex integrates Ecoult UltraBattery monitoring and control systems to optimise the operation of the UltraBattery within the customer's application requirements. UltraFlex includes Ecoult's proprietary automated equalisation and the racking design incorporates patented passive thermal management techniques both of which maximise performance and cycle-life. Ecoult monitoring also provides system visibility to facilitate preventative maintenance and maximise system reliability.

    The UltraFlex benefits from the advantages of the UltraBattery electrochemistry including that the batteries: • Are entirely recyclable into new lead-acid batteries using existing recycling facilities (and can continue to be recycled into new batteries ad infinitium). • Consist of non-combustible electrodes and electrolyte, reducing risk. • Have been field proven in all the target applications and independently lab-tested including by CSIRO, PNNL and Sandia National Labs.