Economy X by Virgin Australia

  • 2018

  • Product
    Automotive and Transport

Designed By:

  • Virgin Australia Product Development Team

Commissioned By:

Virgin Australia

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Virgin Australia’s latest product innovation, Economy X, provides a unique choice for our guests. Designed to provide up to 40% more legroom in Economy, it ensures comfort in-flight and provides additional benefits at the airport. The enhanced travel experience on the ground and in the air is unique in this market.

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  • Our brief was to design a new travel experience with targeted benefits for 3 specific journey types, Domestic, Short International and Long International. Previously in the Australian market guests had a choice of a basic economy seat or a costly step up to a premium Business travel experience. The final Economy X design provides new levels of comfort and service and ensures differentiated benefits for the above journey types, each matched to customer needs through focus groups and insights. The final design solution successfully provided new and enhanced revenue and has doubled budget targets along with new branding opportunities.

  • To develop Economy X the product development team was able to seemingly create space where no space existed. Using detailed analysis we were able to fine-tune the interior layout of our aircraft to optimise space. On each Boeing 737 we were able find 6" of space which enabled us to create the 3 rows of additional legroom needed to make the design commercially viable whilst not compromising comfort of any other guests onboard. A key design solution was our ability to reuse existing materials/infrastructure in the cabin which ensure a lower speed to market and product deployment.

  • Economy X is a unique product in the Asia Pacific market and Virgin Australia is the only Australian airline offering such a product with benefits on the ground and in the air. Since the launch of Economy X late last year all guests travelling now have the option to experience the unique benefits previously only available to our most frequent travellers. Economy X is far exceeding our targets with revenues up over 200%, LTR up 3%, Satisfaction up 5%. In our drive to increase market share, Economy X provides a unique differentiator for the Australian travelling public over the competition.

  • Full Product Design: **Extra Legroom** - Enjoy up to 40% more legroom in the front of the Economy cabin or in the over-wing exit rows. **Enhanced Recline** - Stretch out and relax with more than 30% additional recline. **Preferred overhead lockers** - Relax knowing your carry-on baggage is easily accessible with prefered overhead lockers enabling quick access for boarding and departure. **Priority Screening** - Breeze through the airport with access to priority screening lanes enabling you to reach the gate with ease. **Priority Boarding** - With access to our Priority Boarding lane you can board at anytime to settle in sooner and get ready to enjoy your flight. **INTERNATIONAL EXTRAS ** **Priority Check-in and Boarding** - As an Economy X guest on international flights, you will have access to Priority Check-in and Boarding to ensure your airport experience is as relaxed and smooth as your flight. **Guaranteed first meal choice** - (International Long Haul flights only) With a choice of 3 dishes including local and international cuisines we’ll ensure you have your preferred option. **Noise-cancelling headphone** - (International Long Haul flights only Once on board enjoy premium noise cancelling headphones to enjoy the Virgin Australia Inflight Entertainment.