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  • 2022

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Brightberry’s range of easy-scooping rimmed silicone plates are ergonomically designed to revolutionise independent eating with sustainability and safety while avoiding spillage and mess during mealtimes. These Australian-designed plates come in multiple colours and two designs: regular and tri-section divided, which are perfect for toddlers and people with limited dexterity.

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  • When training toddlers to eat independently, parents want a hassle and mess-free experience. However, at this age, spilled food and thrown plates are inevitable. Most available plate designs on the market, while visually appealing to toddlers, do not address the functionalities children need when learning to eat. Our challenge was to create highly functional and versatile training plates that would promote independence, encourage new food trials and minimise mess with assisted scooping and suction that prevents slipping. We also wanted to design practical and stylish products for parents while providing an alternative to plastic that is unbreakable, non-toxic and dishwasher-safe.

  • Our easy-scooping plates have inwardly curved walls with extended rims that help scoop food onto utensils without falling or pushing it over the edge. Each plate features a hidden suction base that firmly sticks to all surfaces and a subtle heart impression on the rim that directs parents to the easy-release tab. These innovative plates come in regular and tri-divided designs made of food-grade, non-toxic, child-safety standard compliant, long-lasting, and dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe silicone, which doesn’t deteriorate like plastic. Designed by parents for parents, our plates are made for toddlers who are developing independence and fine motor skills.

  • Socially, these easy-scooping plates allow toddlers and people with limited dexterity to enjoy eating independently, so every meal inspires confidence and happiness. Not only does the functional design save parents valuable cleaning time and food wastage, but the durable silicone is also unbreakable and can be reused forever, reducing environmental landfill impact and additional repurchase expenses. Quality-built, priced competitively and packed in attractive retail-friendly and fully recyclable packaging, Brightberry’s range of innovative silicone plates offer multiple convenient benefits for parents, children and the elderly, making it desirable for retail gift stores and commercially successful as a product.

  • The easy-scooping training plates are designed to be the perfect solution to provide convenience and peace of mind to parents while keeping children safe and the kitchen mess-free. Unlike traditional suction plates, they aren’t built with multiple parts that trap food between ridges. Our plates are made as a single piece with curved walls that make scooping food easy and cleaning simple. The divided plates also come with low dividers and rounded corners that reduce food build-up. Dishwasher, microwave and oven-friendly, and suitable for any-handed user, the regular plate design is perfect for single course meals with larger portions while the divided version is ideal for children who prefer their food not to touch. The divided plate features two larger sections and a small round one that’s a perfect fit for the Brightberry smoothie cup. This section is also designed for sauce, yogurts or small portions of food that children are trying for the first time. Our plates can be used to hold foods at all temperatures and consistencies, and come in seven stylish, gender-neutral and gender-specific colours. Its minimalist design and innovative easy-scooping concept is meant for any utensil use, making it also ideal for adults with limited dexterity.