DreamWear Full Face Mask

  • 2018

  • Product
    Medical and Scientific

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United States of America

The first, full face CPAP mask to use airflow through the frame, the air connection with 360 swivel at the top of the head minimizes bulk and weight on your face and allows the user to sleep in any position and roll freely.

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  • The brief was to deliver a new archetype in CPAP mask that offers 360-degree freedom of movement and reduced complexity. We faced many challenges from design, research and engineering perspectives, but our unique role at Philips and how we are able to connect the dots between and work with and within cross-functional teams is one of our strengths.

  • With more of the face exposed, the mask helps users feel like they do not belong in a hospital and closer to their partner. We have removed as much hard plastic from the users face as possible, simplified the mask to the minimum, and streamlined the form. The under the nose hybrid cradle cushion seals over the mouth, offering the same comfort and performance as traditional full face cushion at a fraction of size. The soft, flexible silicone frame and cushion reduces irritation caused by hard plastic and connects to a redesigned headgear for improved comfort and ease of use.

  • With more of their face exposed the mask feels ‘less medical’ and removes the barrier between user and partner, it minimizes the sealing surfaces of the mask thus reducing red marks on nose and lets you see the users mouth allowing to communicate easier and be more expressive while wearing the mask. It builds upon the Dreamwear mask’s innovative platform approach to improving CPAP users experience and night’s sleep. This platform gives them choice and empowerment and control over their condition. We are giving CPAP users a humanizing solution that they don’t have to be embarrassed by.

  • Designed with the patient in mind, Philips DreamWear Full Face makes life better for OSA patients by facilitating the rest they deserve with the flexibility to sleep how they want. Additionally, it supports providers by giving them more personalized mask options for patients that offer them the best chance of long-term therapy success. Features include: Comfort: DreamWear Full Face mask is the closest thing to feeling like there’s nothing on your face during sleep with a natural fit. Its innovative design helps to prevents red marks, discomfort, or irritation on the nose bridge as the mask is designed to sit under the nose, not on it. Convenience: The DreamWear Full Face is one of three cushions available for the DreamWear mask frame, whose design allows patients to sleep in any position they choose. Quality: The DreamWear Full Face’s design is backed by science of development, which integrates the cushion with the DreamWear mask frame to provide patients with fit, comfort and seal.