• 2016

  • Product
    Sport and Lifestyle

Designed By:

  • Lightforce Australia Team, including:
  • Mark Zussino
  • Bradley Virgo
  • Sachin Chandra
  • Robert Dall

Commissioned By:

Dr Raymond Dennis

Designed In:


The first of its kind to combine HID and LED in one product, the Australian made DL230 HTX driving light is the ultimate hybrid, providing the instant flood of LED combined with the long-distance of HID, eliminating the need for additional spotlights and bars beyond one set of HTX.

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  • The DL230 HTX reduces the need for multiple lighting options, providing both impressive distance and unrivaled spread in the one compact, slim line package. At only 230mm diameter and 111mm in depth they can be installed on vehicles where space has previously been a concern, without compromising on output and performance. Producing a NATA certified, independently tested distance of 1768m, combined with a spread of 92m, the DL230 HTX effectively combines the output of a HID light with a 20” LED light bar into one stylish package. Lightweight glass filled nylon composite housing ensures that the DL230 HTX can be installed without additional reinforcements further than the included mounting bracket and hardware.

  • Auxiliary driving lights provide users with an increased level of on-road safety when traveling the long distances across outback Australia. The DL230 HTX provides a superior combination of distance and spread from one single set of lights meaning that users are able to identify hazards far into the distance and out to the sides of the road. A three mode operation provides users with flexibility and piece of mind in the knowledge that they can easily switch between the LED, HID or combined function to suit their driving conditions and requirements. User and product safety is enhanced with the inclusion of over, under and reverse voltage protection as well as thermal overload protection.

  • Independently tested in a NATA accredited laboratory, subjected to rigorous ISO 9001/2008 quality assurance procedures, the DL230 HTX combines over 35 years of R&D in one package. Complete with the highest possible ingress rating of IP69K (independently certified), a slew of features were incorporated to ensure it exceeded users high expectations. A genuine Gore® waterproof membrane with mechanical seal and high current waterproof connector are standout features. Overheating is a concern for all driving light products however with use of 6063 extruded aluminium, optimal heat dissipation has been achieved in the DL230 HTX. A UV stable hard coated impact resistant polycarbonate lens ensures ultimate toughness.

  • Priced at $799 per light ($1598 per pair), the DL230 HTX may at first seem overpriced however a little education goes a long way. A set of these lights is essentially two lights in one - a 70w HID with a 170mm sized reflector, valued at $1390 per pair, plus a 20” LED light bar, valued at $465 each. When viewed in this sense, customers are getting $1855 of value in a compact single light application. An innovative Australian made product, helping to keep jobs in the local manufacturing industry and already in hot demand, pre-orders have meant that the DL230 HTX is moving off the shelves with great haste around Australia with interest already building for an international sales launch come June.

    The DL230 HTX features a world first concept combining HID technology with LED to present the best of both worlds. A long light throw results from the HID component and a wide beam replicates a 20” LED bar due to the expertly positioned LED surrounds. Engineers worked to ensure that the LEDs surrounding the edges of the light would produce an impressive flood of light by placing each at a slightly different angle within their individual insets. The DL230 HTX is the first locally produced light in the Lightforce range to feature an ingress rating of IP69K which has been achieved through the culmination of many years of experience and an uncompromising belief in using the very best components and materials.