Discovered Wildfoods eComm Experience

  • 2021

  • Digital
    Web Design and Development

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Discovered Wildfoods

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An immersive, thoughtful and thought-provoking eComm experience to share the compelling story of Discovered Wildfoods. Using considered design and subtle animations and transitions, the site illustrates how the organisation is improving the health of Australians, and the planet, through their commitment to sustainable, and ethically harvested wild venison.

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  • The fragility of industrialised food systems has never been clearer - now more than ever we must reconcile sustainability with what's on our plates. However, wildfoods are little known and little understood, and they face a growing tide of messaging which claims veganism as the pre-eminent solution to climate change. The design challenge was to explain the social and environmental benefits of Discovered Wildfoods in a compelling way, on a flexible, modular site that could scale as the business grew, within the time we had available - and there was a very lean budget for this lean protein!

  • With powerful and emotive imagery, our approach was to break the site content down into 'chapters' and introduce exploratory illustrations, unique storytelling devices, and big quote modules to hold the reader's attention and help them follow the journey. Motion design was a key factor in immersing the reader into the narrative. We emphasised the natural, premium and rich tones through design, and enabled the story to evolve through immersive parallax effects and subtle animations and transitions. The end result is a highly engaging experience which evokes emotion, warms the user to Discovered's cause, and compels action.

  • Discovered's environmental and social impact is significant. By making wild game accessible, Discovered provide a high protein, low fat, sustainable meat option which is 100% chemical, antibiotic & hormone free, improving the health of Australians. Concurrently, the ethical harvesting of wild venison ensures the preservation of native habitats and agricultural land, helping landowners and restoring balance to the ecosystem. And the animals never spend a single moment in captivity. Commercially, this investment created a launch website which was highly PR-able due to its design, increasing product demand from chefs and in turn unlocking additional budget to integrate eComm - driving more sales.

  • When first approached by Discovered's founder, we were impressed by Tara's passion and depth of knowledge. Her brand had such an important story to tell, and a mission to change the planet. At Nightjar, our own mission is to create sustainable futures for humankind, so this brief was perfectly aligned to our values and easy for us to say yes to. Great design is always paramount to a great user experience, so once we understood Tara's vision, her appetite for something gorgeous and her impressive standard of design reference, we knew we could really elevate Discovered's online presence. We wanted to deliver a highly polished site without losing the raw, wild beauty so intrinsic to the brand. A key design feature is the textural 'noise' in the background which we animated for subtle movement, so it feels alive and not static. We decided against pre-loaders, which are a jarring reminder you're staring at a screen, and not the outdoors, so we built transitions between each page to give the site a truly seamless experience. Combined with text animations for a harmonious reveal on page refreshes, the design elements work together to give the user a tranquil sense of nature.