DEWI – Women Safety Device

  • 2018

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

Commissioned By:

TATA Communications

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Woman Safety is one of the main issues due to rising crimes against women in developing countries. DEWI safeguards women against personal attacks and find the help they need more quickly. This wearable product brings cutting edge LoRa technology to aid personal safety in an innovative way.

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  • While a lot of tech companies have taken on the role of finding a way to expand on existing tools for personal safety, most of these devices are dependent on cell phones that makes these devices vulnerable and unreliable. Considering various difficult situations that a woman might face during an attack, this safety device had to be easily accessible no matter what physical and mental constraint the user may be in. On top of these usability aspects, making a feature-rich device small enough to camouflage with the daily outfits was a challenge.

  • In order to make woman safety device discreet, design mimics aesthetics of modern accessory. Device works with LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology infrastructure provided by Tata Communications, avoiding any need to connect to a cell phone or cellular network. Oval-shaped and measuring less than two inches, device easily clips onto jeans pocket, t-shirt or sportswear. The device connects to nearest security services when user simply presses the SOS button thrice. Device also connects to a smaller trigger device via Bluetooth. So if main device is out of reach, users can also use trigger device to activate the signal.

  • Despite economic and technological developments, crime against women are increasing across the globe causing big social concerns. DEWI helps bring down these atrocities against women and help inducing a factor of safety amongst them. Sense of ownership of this product brings a level of confidence and comfort that the help is just a click away. While DEWI gives a woman independence she deserves, it also relieves their loved ones by allowing them keep a close check on them.

  • - Option to use device standalone or with ultra portable trigger device as an accessory - Comes with multiple wearable accessories to adapt technology in a discreet manner - Records regular commute path and current location, and alerts the family is user deviates from it too much. - Color changing LEDs for various easy notifications feedback such as low battery, 'help on way', etc. - No dependence on mobile phones/networks in case of any emergency - Mobile application to set up high priority locations and emergency contacts