De’Longhi Tasciugo AriaDry Pure DDSX220WF 2 in 1 Dehumidifer and Air Purifier

  • 2020

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    Domestic Appliances

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  • De'Longhi Italy

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De’Longhi, one of the world’s leading brands in household comfort appliances introduces a new dehumidifier to help keep homes dry and healthy. Using the most advanced technologies, and a focus on filtration, the new DDSX220WF 2 in 1 dehumidifier and air purifier is the answer to a healthy home environment.

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  • True comfort in the home not only depends on the ambient temperature, but also humidity levels. If the air in a room is too dry or too humid, it can make the rooms uncomfortable and even lead to negative health consequences. The brief was to create a product with a unique and iconic design that creates ideal comfort by both removing excess moisture in the air and also filters the air of airborne fine particles, such as allergens and pollutants.

  • The long-standing expertise in the sector enabled De'Longhi to design a fully efficient product. All technology aspects have been exploited to their best to offer multiple benefits and great effectiveness. By reducing humidity levels, dehumidifiers turn the indoor atmosphere less hospitable for moulds and mildew, thereby avoiding all the damage commonly associated with them. Large capacity tank collects excess moisture and has visible water level for great convenience of use. The perfect balance between temperature, humidity and air quality in any room of the house to guarantee your comfort zone.

  • Humidity is airborne and necessary to our lives. Sometimes, its level is excessive and can turn the home into an unpleasant and unhealthy environment. Powerful, compact and multifunctional, The De'Longhi DDSX220WF 2 in 1 eliminates excessive moisture from the air, protecting your home and creating a healthy environment for your family. It is equipped with 4-Action Filter: a HEPA type E12 with activated carbon filtercombined with Bio Silver and anti-dust filter. The combination of these features enabled the DDSX220WF to be certified by both the worlds Allergy Standards Foundation as a product suitable for people suffering from asthma and allergies.

  • • The optimisation of air-flow distribution, combined with the product dehumidifying performance, delivers an energetic and pervasive action to dry up laundry in 50% less time compared to natural drying (*Internal De'Longhi Testing. Comparative test in a 40 m3 room, @ 20°C and 48 UR% in "Laundry" mode compared with natural drying by hanging out the laundry). • The specific function in the dedicated App tracks the room humidity level vs. the set one as well as functioning times and offers a suggested humidity range level to get rid of excess humidity. • The smart system allows the user to set the desidered humidity level and forget about it. The dehumidifier will take care of automatically maintaining the comfort humidity level. • The advanced electronic control system allows to easily set of all the dehumidifier’s operation parameters and select all available functions. • The soft digital control panel with LCD display allows easily to select and display all available functions, such as humidity levels, air-flow direction and automatic on or off time, choosing from any interval between half an hour and 12 hours.