Dam Buster Rain Head

  • 2018

  • Product
    Hardware and Building

Designed By:

  • Russell Kirkwood
  • David Pockett - Dam Buster
  • Britannia Metal Industries

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Dam Buster

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Dam Buster totally changes the game for rain head design in Australia. As the first engineer certified compliant rain head in the country, it not only protects buildings from flooding but also incorporates all of the mandatory requirements of the Australian and New Zealand Standard into a simple, elegantly designed, quality, Australian made product.

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  • Prior to Dam Buster, no existing rain heads on the Australian market were certified compliant with the mandatory standard AS/NZS3500.3:2015, particularly concerning the adequate overflow provision necessary to protect buildings from internal flooding. Various ad hoc solutions had been devised over the years by plumbers and manufacturers including boring overflow holes or slots into the rain heads, but none of these measures complied with the Standard and that left the buildings to which they were fitted (numbering in the millions) exposed to potentially catastrophic internal flooding during heavy rain conditions.

  • Dam Buster incorporates a range of unique features including: * An internal weir set 25mm lower than the sole of the box gutter as per AS3500.3 * The weir is the full width of the box gutter as required by AS3500.3 * A unique overflow chute in front of the weir, concealed by a cover plate * A further, secondary overflow device in the front face of the rain head * A unique box gutter seal to prevent leaks at the back (all rain heads must be sealed) * Built in attachment points * A drip plate to prevent run back of water during overflow

  • The extensive use of contemporary architecture in modern home and building design involves the equally extensive use of box gutters, all of which require rain heads. With the non-compliance of other existing rain head designs, the Dam Buster is an absolute game changer for roof plumbers, Architects, designers, builders and building owners by preventing overtopping of box gutters and the resultant flooding of buildings. Its key design features also mean it looks very similar to existing products whilst operating entirely differently. The design features also ensure it is very simple and fast to fit.

  • * Meets all "Deemed to Satisfy" provisions of the NCC * Does not require any Performance Solution * Fully engineer certified. * Endorsed by the AHSCA (Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia) * Provides overflow protection for downpipes to also meeet AS/NZS3500.3:2015 * Can be used anywhere in Australia * Rear adapter plate allows for fitting to unusual sizes of box gutters * Can be adapted on site to an eaves gutter rain head if required, using only minimal tools * Extreme flow and overflow capacity allows building designers to maximise designs by having smaller and fewer box gutters in many situations * Extremely simple to install for the plumber; much less installation work required than all existing designs and in most cases only the down pipe pop needs to be cut - the design takes care of the rest * Simple inspection; if the front chute is clear from below the Dam Buster will still overflow at full capacity - no climbing ladders to check for blockages before or during storm events. * Should the overflow operate, the property owner can observe the process in operation but does not have to take any action; the reason for the overflow can instead be safely investigated later. * Eliminates storm related property damage in many cases