D900 S Curve Surface-mounted LED Downlight

  • 2017

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    Furniture and Lighting

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The ultra-slimline D900 S Curve surface-mounted LED downlight features a minimalist design and unmatched sustainability benefits. Designed to provide a pared-back, surface-mounted alternative to recessed downlights, the D900 S Curve is Brightgreen’s first entirely carbon neutral product.

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  • The D900 S Curve offers both style and sustainability for modern architectural spaces. The incredibly compact design is 90% thinner than standard surface-mounted LEDs. Available black and white finishes, it can be installed with matching ceiling paint to fit seamlessly into minimalist spaces, or paired with contrasting colours to create a bold statement and draw eyes upwards.

  • The D900 S Curve is the world's first Tru-Colour luminaire that can be wired directly into the AC power mains - with installation taking under 3.5 minutes. It features a 3-pin, twist-lock mounting system allowing the luminaire to be easily detached from its junction plate. Once wired in, this allows homeowners to safely remove the luminaire, without requiring an electrician and means that only part of the product need ever be replaced.

  • The D900 S Curve incorporates pure glass optics to offer designers evenly distributed light. Its compact multilayered glass lens offers a smooth directional beam and minimises unified glare ratings to increase visual comfort and ambience. The D900 S Curve is available in 3000K warm white and 4000k neutral colour temperatures - providing options to suit every application.

  • Featuring Brightgreen's market-leading illumination, the D900 S Curve offers designers Tru-Colour technology to enhance the colours and details of their interior design by up to 30%. Perfect for advanced architectural design, users can choose from a 40° directional beam for general illumination or a focused 20° beam for precision lighting.

    Featuring a 70 000 hour product lifetime, the D900 S Curve is designed to meet the needs of homeowners now, and for years to come. In addition to its simple luminaire replacement system, the design offers unparalleled compatibility with leading home automation technologies. Like all other Brightgreen products, the D900 S Curve is covered by a 7-year warranty and can be recycled using the company's buy-back scheme.