Coulee Day Bed

  • 2020

  • Product
    Furniture and Lighting

Designed By:

  • Patryk Koca
  • Hegi Deisgn House

Commissioned By:

Hegi Design House

Designed In:


The Coulee Day Bed was inspired by the linearity and layering of ancient canyons, the arteries of the Earth. Feature lines meld between the steel frame and upholstery stitching, creating continuity and purpose wherever you look.

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Image: Pablo Veiga
Image: Pablo Veiga
Image: Pablo Veiga
Image: Patryk Koca
Image: Patryk Koca
Image: Patryk Koca
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  • The Day Bed typology allows very limited room for visual differentiation. The challenge was to look beyond the overall form and develop a new language of design details, that could carry over to different typologies of products. In some way, the Day Bed became a launchpad for a whole family of products that offer a unique and sophisticated visual appeal.

  • The design initially struck by the strong minimalist aesthetic of their existing brand. The precision manufacturing of steel frames was second to none. We wanted to breathe new life and sophistication into the treatment of the steel structure and corners. It was important for us that every detail was there for a reason, like the split leg that locates the head roll straps; the width of the chamfer that disappears in the shadow of the cushion; the concentric corners which make the piece softer and more inviting - comfort and function are ultimately the core design principle.

  • The Coulee Bed is very unique and iconic in its design. The curved steel elements combined with beautifully bevelled edges and round curves. The unique details in its design make the Coulee bed very sophisticated and innovative. The beautiful stitched details on the upholstery give the day bed an overall innovative look.

  • Curved timber edges, bevelled edge detail, curved steel features, double stitching on upholstery and beautiful button head bed. We designed different variations of the day bed design so customers can customize their own design at the end. Please have a look at the concept photos.