Treerings – A New Product for Environmental Change

  • 2022

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Garry Eglinton

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Treerings are a new type of fertiliser. There is no product on the market like Treerings. They are non-toxic, can be handled without special precautions and do not present a risk to users. Treerings assist in reducing water usage. Treerings re-purpose commonly available waste materials and are fully environmentally sustainable.

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  • Climate change, mixed with poor business environmental practices in the corporate, agricultural, mining, oil, forestry, and the equine industries, is an observable fact that have been witnessed across all Australian states and territories in the last 20 years. The ability to bring together what are waste products (often disposed of in land fill) to produce a product that will help combat climate change, in a real and demonstrable process, on a number of levels, is a truly worthy reason for this business and one that is now ready for the global market.

  • Current home and garden fertilisers are available in liquid, pellet or powder form,. They can be highly dangerous to use and most is wasted where it does not contact the plant. They wash out, blow away and can contaminate waterways. Treerings is the first form of solid fertiliser, a revolutionary product that re-uses environmentally organic products to provide sustenance to trees, plants and shrubs. Treerings offer a unique product to the market that reduces water consumption and enhances growth, colour and stimulate flowering/fruit. By strengthening the health of the plant, it can also protect plants from insects, disease or pets.

  • This product will be clearly identifiable as a positive Climate Change initiative, that all homeowners and commercial entities can install for very little cost. There are few products or environmental projects that these groups can participate in from their own veranda. The business takes waste products such as animal manure and office paper and combines this with specific fertilisers to create a new type of biodegradable home garden and commercial fertiliser. Treerings will be easily identified as reducing waste going to landfill, increase carbon sequestration, improve commercial crops, prevent environmental damage through fertiliser runoff and support proper sustainable forestry.

  • This product is environmentally sustainable, prevents loss of waste to landfill and provides a safe, simple and usable product to gardeners. Given the current focus on climate change, Treerings provide effective growth support for 12 months, reduce water loss and prevent environmental runoff of fertilisers into waterways – all of which are current serious issues with the way we use fertilisers now. Animal manure, particularly horse manure is generated at significant rates across Perth every day. In most cases there is no structured removal process and it is disposed of in many ad hoc ways. By re-purposing this waste and combining in a unique way with other products it will become a significant disruptor in the fertilising industry because of its ease of use, no smell and no dangerous dust issues. In terms of seasonal use, fertilisers are often portrayed as primarily a spring/summer product, however in the commercial arena (landscaping, mine site regeneration, council planting) it is a year-round operation.