Connect-a world banking first

  • 2016

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    Commercial Services

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  • Westpac Corporation

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Westpac Corporation

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Connect, a banking world first, is a unique feature that enables customers to call the Bank’s Contact Centre directly from their Mobile Banking app, without having to dial a phone number, speak to an IVR or complete a lengthy identification process by answering a series of security questions.

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  • Connect provides customers with a seamless journey from Mobile Banking into the Contact Centre , while addressing over 90% of non-people related complaints. The first frustration that Connect eliminates is time consuming and confusing ID&V processes. When a customer wants to connect all they need to do is log into their mobile banking app. Because they are already securely identified through the app, they are not required to answer security questions saving them time. Connect's unique technology securely passes the customer's authentication credentials (fingerprint logon, passcode or password) to the contact centre, meaning customers are already securely identified when they reach the representative.

  • The second customer frustration that Connect eliminates is when customers have to talk to an IVR to get to a customer service representative. Using Connect's simple and intuitive visual call menu in their mobile banking app, customers can select the option that matches their enquiry, bypassing the traditional IVR. This reason is passed to the representative so the customer never has to repeat themselves in explaining what they are enquiring about, and the representative is ready and equipped to handle their call.

  • The third customer frustration that Connect eliminates is when customers have to remember a number to dial or wait to be put through to the correct department to service their enquiry. Customers no longer need to search for, remember, or even dial a phone number when calling via Connect. The visual call menu automatically routes them to the most appropriate representative for their enquiry. Testing was undertaken with existing customers, followed by launching Connect to Westpac employees. The purpose of this approach was to gauge reaction and measure business and customer impacts prior to launching to our wider customers. Results showed that Connect eliminated the 3 main customer frustrations successfully

  • Connect helps build meaningful relationships with our customers. For the customer, the representative knows who they are and what they're calling about, without them having to do or say much. Connect's intuitive and simple call menu encourages customers to self-serve and utilise the plethora of features available to them within mobile banking before seeking help from a representative. The new enhancements will allow customers to easily select the topic that best matches their inquiry from a simple, easy menu within the mobile app. Customers will have even greater choice and will be able to self-service using mobile banking or have a meaningful conversation with a cell centre banker through Connect.

    Connect simplifies and enhances our customers' banking experience by helping them connect to our services in the way they want to, when they want to. Connect is the only feature in the market that delivers these capabilities to customers in an integrated way. Results: • Reduced average call resolution times by over 25% • 40% uplift in self-service features 'heroed' via the Connect front screen • 12 points higher in NPS, averaging an NPS of over +82 • Reduced the average 2 minute customer wait time per call, making Connect the fastest answered calls • Over 140,000 customers hit the Connect icon to speak to our bankers since launch • Reduced the average call handling time by 50 to 60 seconds

    Connect is changing the way customers interact with Contact Centres. All the security sits behind the scene so the customer experience is seamless. With approximately 70% of calls received now originating from a mobile phone, Connect is a game changing innovation for consumers, the bank and industry. Connect is a step forward in bringing together traditional Contact Centre services with the Digital Banking world. The Connect feature provides a banking solution for customers that can be used anywhere, including access outside of Australia 24/7 - at no extra charge to the customer (ISP call rates apply). Recently awarded Best Customer Experience Innovation at the Avaya & Network World Asia 2016 Technology Forum

    Connect has helped customers and staff save time and also helped ensure that all conversations focus on what is really important. By empowering customers to self-serve before they Connect, bankers can focus on more complicated enquiries while customers can take control of their banking anywhere, anytime. “It was a very personal call, I really like quick connect. That was perfect” “Saves so much time when we don't have to ID the customer” “Can focus on completing their enquiry and then move onto exploring their needs” “Customers are shocked by the Connect feature. When we greet them with their name and enquiry type there is a split second of silence as though they cannot believe it is so personalised”