• 2020

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  • Biasol Studio

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Biasol Studio

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Comoda is a modular sofa collection that embodies superb comfort and timeless aesthetics. Designed for both residential and commercial markets the statement range is available in a curated selection of quality fabrics and leathers responding to aspirations for extraordinary cosiness and the inherent beauty of considered form.

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Image: Timothy Kaye
Image: Timothy Kaye
Image: Timothy Kaye
Image: Timothy Kaye
Image: Timothy Kaye
Image: Timothy Kaye
Image: Timothy Kaye
Image: Timothy Kaye
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  • Our main objective was to design a sculptural sofa collection that created a statement and that embodied a quintessential cohesion between comfort and aesthetic proportions suitable for the residential and commercial markets. With an emphasis on locally made, we wanted the collection to offer variety and choice through a curated selection of available fabrics and leathers, and a range of modular configurations whilst encapsulating a concept of togetherness, content and upmost comfort.

  • We began explorations in form with an idyllic response that will ultimately put comfort at the heart of Comoda. Inspired by the Danish expression of ‘Hygge’, we felt that this expression representing cosiness, comfort and togetherness, encapsulated what we had hoped to create for our sofa collection. Aesthetically the form of our sofa is unique with distinct curvatures, what sets this design apart is the level of comfort we have been able to create in collaboration with Molmic. Through the process of contouring and layering of various grades of foam, we were able to achieve ultimate comfort and support.

  • Developed in collaboration with local makers Molmic, Comoda has been designed through the symbiotic relationship that naturally exists between designer and maker. Considerable thought has gone into minimising the carbon footprint of its manufacture, lowering environmental impact wherever possible. This has been achieved through the responsible sourcing of quality materials, and through the engagement of Melbourne-based makers and suppliers. The local connection also lends to elevated quality control and a holistic approach to each facet of the development process from concept to prototype to the final product.

  • Working alongside local manufacturers provides us with a greater attention to the quality of every detail and how they are made and how they all come together which in turn gives us the ability to design to last, to produce a quality product that will endure the test of time. As a product proudly designed, developed and made in Melbourne, all of our materials are sourced responsibly. Our solid timber framework uses environmentally friendly FSC certified renewable and sustainable plywood timber. Black Cat webbing is used for seat suspension, and all of our foams are GECA certified and include Green Star rating. Our selection of leathers are sourced through reputable Australian suppliers who are committed to supplying the most sustainably produced European leathers. Our curated selection of fabrics are responsibly manufactured by trusted brands we all know well and love. By manufacturing locally we are able to reduce our carbon footprint, support the economy through these local businesses and provide more value and design into our end product.