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  • 2015

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Relaunched in 2014, the world class CommBank app combines the latest in mobile banking and payments technology to provide customers with anytime, anywhere access and control over their finances in real-time. Built with speed and ease of use in mind, the latest enhancements in the Commbank app- market leading features such as Cardless Cash, Tap & Pay and credit card Lock & Limit- were developed in response to customer feedback and analysis of customer behaviour.

From checking an account balance with a simple swipe, to paying for groceries with a tap of their smartphone, the CommBank app provides customers with leading mobile banking and payment innovations in the palm of their hand.

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  • The Australian-first Cardless Cash feature was launched in May 2014 to meet a clear customer need: enable customers to access cash when they don't have their card with them. Cardless Cash allows CommBank app users to withdraw money using just their smartphone, or in an emergency allow a loved one to withdraw cash from one of over 3000 CommBank ATMs Australia-wide*. Cardless Cash is another feature which builds on our digital wallet proposition, giving customers the freedom to leave home without their wallet. A testament to its successful uptake, over 390,000 unique customers have used the feature, withdrawing over $170M since launch. *limit of one $200 without a card withdrawal per day

  • The CommBank App offers our credit card customers a level of payment security in real time that no other bank in Australia can - with the launch of Lock, Block and Limit - our customers can lock certain payment types or limit their spending via the app. The app provides customers with peace of mind that they are in control of their card. The addition of real-time alerts when a transaction is blocked keeps the customer aware of any attempts to use their card in an unauthorized manner and assists with fraud detection. In addition, if a customer misplaces their card, they can simply lock it in the app while they look for it- avoiding the hassle of cancelling a card, only to find it at a later date.

  • In a 2014 CBA conducted survey, 73% of Australians believed that their physical wallet would be replaced by a digital wallet by 2021. Tap & Pay is a step towards making this a reality for our customers. The CommBank app allows customers to pay with their phone at contactless terminals- for NFC-enabled Android devices, Tap & Pay can be set up in the app, or for other devices by ordering a PayTag within the app. Partnering with MasterCard®, in March 2015 CBA became the first Australian bank to offer Tap & Pay using Host Card Emulation technology to customers on eligible Android phones. For added convenience, a widget was created for users to add to their home screen, meaning they can be on their way faster.

  • The CommBank app's innovative design is built with speed and ease of use in mind. The top tasks our mobile customers complete within the app are accessible immediately from the home screen as handy, one-tap shortcuts. In addition, contextual payment shortcuts from the accounts view mean our customers can access all their balance information and make a quick payment with the swipe of a finger. Simple balance was developed out of the insight that a large majority of logins are to view the balance of a specific account. By enabling a customer to simply swipe the top of the app home screen to view their account balance, without logging on, we have given them control and peace of mind at greater convenience.

    One of our key design features is not visible to our customers - our Agile project delivery and Lean UX design process. Operating in feature based scrum teams with a delivery cadence of 2 week sprints enables accelerated delivery of high-quality product features. Our process allows us to identify customer problems, rapidly prototype and user-test, iterate based on feedback & quickly deliver value to customers. We conduct usability testing fortnightly, as well as continuously putting concepts in front of an online customer panel to validate design assumptions. Once delivered, monitoring of feedback and customer behavioural data informs our continuous improvement program.