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The Clipsal Solar Pulse app’s mission harnesses the power of energy data in the home to help customers make better energy choices.

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  • Energy has long been a complex issue for home owners. With rising electricity prices and a heavy reliance on fossil fuels, a number of our customers shared with us the pain this has on their lifestyle: 1. "I am confused about my electricity bills." 2. "I need to help lower the cost of electricity and its impact on my life and the environment." 3. "I wish I knew what my air conditioner cost to run" 4. "I'm not sure if an investment in solar or a battery will payback." 5. "I wish someone trusted and independent would help me."

  • The design solution comprised of the development of a mobile application which helps to deliver visibility, transparency and assurance to customers in relation to how they use energy in the home. A personalised, independent energy advisor for every customer who purchases a solar/battery system from Clipsal Solar. Pulse answers the following questions: 1. What's happening in my home right now? 2. What's costing me the most in my home and what can I do about it? 3. How much have I saved? 4. Which electricity plan is best for me? 5. What is next in my energy journey? A battery?

  • - The Pulse app's design empowers home owners, who are otherwise not educated in the field of energy, to understand and use the app to maximise the energy savings from their renewable energy investments made based on their individual circumstances that suit their lifestyle. Thereby reducing their bills and their reliance on fossil fuels. - Behavioural changes in appliance usage in the home are observed within the first 3 months of a customer installing solar and using the app resulting in additional savings and proving that customers are learning how to best optimise their home energy use using data.

  • The Pulse app core features comprise of the following: See your homes energy heartbeat - Understand your homes energy flows in real-time animations to know how your home is performing and take steps to improve Track your Savings - Turn your solar and battery system into a financial investment and track it's payback over time. Analyse your homes usage - Monitor your homes appliance usage and cost breakdown and change your behaviour to save. Compare energy plans - Compare available energy plans based on your bills data and to save more. Receive Smart Energy Insights and notifications - AI powered energy advice to help you better understand your home, your energy bills and your solar and battery system. Review solar and battery data - Ensure your solar and battery system is always online and running as expected 24/7. Relax with ongoing Energy Advice and Support - Our dedicated Energy Advisor Team ensures you save more with Clipsal Solar by providing personalised ongoing support, analytics and insights. High level milestones to date: 500+ Pulse users with a customer satisfaction on 4.7/5 $600k+ in energy savings validated $60k+ in bill savings through the energy plan comparison 6000+ tonnes of CO2e abated