Clipsal SILC

  • 2016

  • Digital

Designed By:

  • Xavier Lifran
  • Thierry Rutge
  • Michael Trounce
  • Brett Warren
  • Marc Clancy

Commissioned By:

Clipsal by Schneider Electric

Designed In:


Technology should complement and enhance our lives. Clipsal SILC (Simple, Intelligent, Lighting, Control), is a unique smart home automation offer which was designed with both the homeowner and the electrician in mind.

It combines technology (smartphone/tablet), with LED lighting to provide smart, efficient and convenient lighting control for the home.

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  • Clipsal SILC has been designed to empower the homeowner, putting the end user in complete control of their lighting system. Once the system has been installed by an electrician, the end user is able to configure the app themselves to suit the needs of their home. This can be done by themselves through editing the names and icons of each light to make it use full and meaning full, by organising with tabs that reflect their rooms or areas of the home. The app is designed to guide the user through the process. This means the user can not only set up the lighting configuration to suit individual needs, but also change the configuration at any stage - grouping and regrouping lights and rooms where necessary.

  • The interface of the Clipsal SILC app has been designed based on best practice for app user interface flow to make it as easy to use as possible. It adopts app design best practice for on both Apple and Android platforms. For end users who are not as familiar with apps or the use of mobile devices, the beauty of Clipsal SILC is that the system can also be controlled directly by the switches on the wall; and the switches looks familiar too. This means, any user in the home can have control over the system and those that prefer to control lights via a traditional switch are able to.

  • The Clipsal SILC system offers a unique feature for home automation - a master off switch which simultaneously turns all lights off as you leave home or before you go to bed. The master off switch, which is available on the Clipsal SILC app and as a traditional switch on the wall, looks like a normal switch and is operated as any normal switch would be, but offers complete control and simplicity for turning all the lights off when the homeowner needs to. It is effective, and simple to use, switching all the lights off at the touch of a button. The master off helps to save energy, making turning off the lights when they're not in use as simple as possible.