RAMMP Dashboards

  • 2023

  • Digital

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  • Brooke Royston

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RAMMP is the world’s most intuitive CX platform. Based on the patented ADORE ProcessTM, RAMMP cracks the code for how to turn ordinary websites into powerful conversion machines.

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  • The design challenge was huge. Many complex marketing technologies don’t deliver instant insights to a CEO or CMO about what is most worth doing next – no one has ever looked at a Google Analytics or Mixpanel, or Hotjar dashboard and said “Of course, this is what we need to do next to improve conversion rates”. Our mandate was to deliver a simple, user friendly visualisation for each of the six ADORE milestones, and an overall total. The dashboard has to be self-evident, provide insights over time, and also provide an executive level monthly reporting in one pdf download.

  • Symplicit and Rammp followed good practice for interface design with this project. A workshop aligned us on the goals of the project. Initial concept designs, including simple sketches, ensured we created alignment early. We moved to mid-fidelity digital prototypes to test with users. Their feedback informed the final high-fidelity designs. The high-fi prototypes included recommendations for development and feature prioritization. The design has been in production use for over 6 months now, and overwhelmingly the feedback that we receive is that this is the most intuitive CX platform on the planet.

  • Most businesses don’t know how to measure the quality of their audience’s relationship with their brand. Typically, access to this knowledge needed multi-million dollar marketing budgets with large agencies who assign a team of designers and data scientists to find answers. The simplicity of RAMMP’s design has shifted the power dynamics by giving any business access to this type of strategic insight. The effect of RAMMP’s simple dashboards is that business owners have been able to improve ROI on their marketing spend, gain confidence in knowing what to do next and through that process improve conversion rates by 10-40%.

  • The portfolio level dashboard makes RAMMP accessible to digital agencies. It lets digital agenies manage their entire client portfolio, systematise programs of work and turn one off projects into retainers. This once again puts the power into the hands of anyone at a digital agency, allowing the “sales” effort to be distributed to all team members, not only the sales or business development roles.