CleverPet Gaming Console

  • 2016

  • Product
    Consumer Electronics

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USA and Australia

CleverPet is an adaptive, connected dog game console that challenges dogs through puzzles featuring lights, sounds and touch pads.

It automatically rewards pets with their daily food when they solve puzzles, and adapts as pets get better.

CleverPet offers the mental stimulation dogs crave, even when they’re on their own.

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  • With urban sprawl and longer working hours, domestic dogs are spending more time alone, which can be stressful for both dog and owner. We know that a dog with a job is a happy dog. Engaging their minds and all five senses, the CleverPet Hub challenges dogs with increasingly complex and customised puzzles, and rewards them with their daily food.Games use a combination of lights, touch pads, pattern, logic, memory, recorded sounds and feedback for a sophisticated gaming experience. Developed by PhDs in Neuroscience from UCSD, the CleverPet Hub is programmed to be smart and adaptable, and engineered for reliability. CleverPet was designed to fulfill dogs' cognitive needs and keep them stimulated throughout the day

  • The Hub initially provides food rewards automatically for pressing any pad. It then switches to providing rewards only for pressing the illuminated button. It gradually and automatically advances through more multifaceted and challenging sequences to keep the dog engaged. The pace of advancement is regulated by the rate at which the dog learns to solve the puzzles, so the dog doesn't get bored or overwhelmed, and continues to use the device day in and day out. Puzzles can even adapt to match a dog's level of engagement and mood. Also, the Hub uses a feedback system to recognize if the dog doesn't remove the kibble from the dish within the set timeframe, and will adapt the device's programming appropriately.

  • The device's design allows for dozens of stimulating learning games, all of which can be sent to it automatically via the Hub's WiFi connection, futureproofing the console. Not only is CleverPet interactive for pets, but for owners too. The smartphone app reports on your dog's progress and achievement level, while providing remote access and control. For instance, owners can find out when their dog performs best, can turn it on or off, or program specific periods of down time to encourage dogs to engage in other forms of activity.

  • Rather than one or two passive daily meals, CleverPet helps to spread out the joy of eating throughout the day. But the CleverPet Hub takes the concept of automated feeding to the next level. Studies have shown that environmental enrichment improves outcomes. Dogs who have to search for and work for their food, as they would in the wild, are happier with their feeding. Using the app, owners can track their dog's food intake to make sure it's just right for their breed and activity level to help them maintain a healthy weight.

    Dogs have various dietary requirements, so the CleverPet was engineered for maximum compatibility; the motorised hopper can facilitate all sizes and shapes of dry dog food on the market without jamming or over-dispensing. Large tactile touch pads have been durability tested for thousands of use cycles, with LED backlight colours specifically selected for dogs' colour-limited vision. Dogs are good problem-solvers, and some may set out to access the source of the food, so CleverPet was designed with smooth surfaces, paw-proof door latches, tough materials, and no overhangs graspable by tooth or claw. Durable and easy to maintain, the elegant design suits any home and is built for dogs of all sizes.