CleanSpace HALO

  • 2021

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CleanSpace Technology

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CleanSpace Respirators utilise the latest in medical device technology for high protection and performance over traditional healthcare protective respirators. Importantly, the intuitive and ergonomic design makes training and use easy and fast – ensuring comfort and compliance in healthcare settings where the protection of first line healthcare teams is critical.

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  • Until CleanSpace, technology for masks had not changed in 30 years. Devices were typically uncomfortable, hot and provided low protection. Industries such as mining, metal works and stonemasonry, where workers are exposed to coal dust, silica and welding fumes, welcomed an alternative. The company has been successfully protecting workers in a wide range of sectors for the past decade. Following the Ebola outbreak, the WHO and CDC put out a call for highly protective, lightweight PAPRs specifically designed for healthcare workers. CleanSpace Technology was confident, with its medical device background and commercially-proven technology, that it could develop a healthcare respirator.

  • CleanSpace® Technology is delivering a revolution in respiratory protection for the healthcare sector. CleanSpace® HALO: - Positive pressure Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) - No belts and hoses - associated with PAPRs - Not reliant on the seal - High protection 99.95% filtration efficiency - Filter particles above 0.3 microns - Comfortable and lightweight - 400g/0.9lb - Reusable and cost-effective - Smart AirSensit® technology - Cool filtered air-flow and no fogging - Transparent soft silicon face mask - Simple and fast to don - Up to 9 hours run time, quick recharge - IP 66 rated, water tolerant - CE, AS/NZS and NIOSH approved

  • Clinics globally that have adopted CleanSpace HALO have increased compliance and reduced staff infections. For example, in May 2020, Sengkang General Hospital, Singapore had treated some 750 COVID-19 patients and reported zero healthcare worker infections. During a pilot programme in a hospital treating COVID-19 patients in Melbourne, 91% of users preferred CleanSpace HALO over a disposable N95, and all of the participants reported feeling safer. Alyssia Mickem, Safety Supervisor, Parkview Allen County, USA said they chose CleanSpace HALO as their respirator of choice during the COVID-19 pandemic, because the safety of all employees, patients and visitors was their highest priority.

  • The patented AirSensit™ technology was developed by biomedical engineers involved in the development of CPAP devices (used to treat sleep apnea), at global medical device manufacturer ResMed. CleanSpace HALO is reusable, compact and modular, providing operational flexibility and ease of storage. With healthcare consultation, the engineering design has reduced the time for training, reprocessing and decreases the potential for contamination of airborne hazards. Reduce waste: Reusable system significantly reduces disposable mask use, cost of waste removal and environmental impacts. Eliminates need for stockpiling: Modular system is flexible and scalable for high volume use. Especially beneficial in high risk events such as pandemics. Ensure compliance and effective use: Simple system with few parts. Don/doff in under 10 seconds. Comfortable to wear for extended periods. Simplify Fit Testing: Positive airflow with AirSensit™ technology and personal adjust system covers a range of faces to deliver high Fit Test results every time. Integrates into standard protocols: Medical-grade materials can be disinfected with standard hospital agents. Can be cleaned/disinfected in the ward or in centralised reprocessing areas. Flexible training options: Large, mobile and time-poor workforces can be reliably and quickly trained. Online material and customer support teams are available to assist with training.